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About Defend Haiti is an online web application, documenting the living, breathing and ever-evolving, Haitian culture as it happens. It is customized for the worldwide alternative culture by providing it news and information. It includes an online community, an event and multimedia database aimed at building commonality among Haitians worldwide.

Content is published by the the administrators:

  •     Samuel Maxime is its Founder, President, Chief Executive Office and Editor-in-Chief.
  •     Orlando Aurelien is its Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Editor.
  •     Greg Tertulien is its Chief Clerk of Operations and Corresponding Editor.
  •     Diony Monestime is an outside contributor and Associate Editor.
  •     Haze Sylvester is an outside contributor and Production Director.

Defend Haiti (DH) is a union of talented and business minded members of Haitian society. It is a fellowship of development and a organization for corporation. Through unity it's members hope to gain strength.



Our mission is to document the emergence of a Haitian-worldwide alternative subculture.
Our efforts are succeeded by:
Documenting with integrity and through good record keeping the emergence of new generations of what is now the worldwide Haitian culture.

Company Overview

This is the emergence of a Haitian-worldwide alternative subculture. We don't think we are the answer but we want to be a part.

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