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Fashion and beauty tips, reports and trends.


About Us

Dear Fashionistas (and brave Fashionistos),

We are excited to share with you our passion for fashion through our new blog Fashion Ayiti! Created just for you, we aim to provide the latest Fashion and Beauty Tips, Reports and Trends, while maintaining a sharp eye on the ever growing fashion scene in Haiti.

What does fashion mean to us?

“Fashion is more than just nice clothes and designer brands, it’s an art. It represents your state of mind, your mood and your personality, and in doing so,  helps define us as individuals in a society. Growing up with a seamstress as a mother my interest for fashion started at an early age and eventually developed into an unquenchable passion.” - Em

“People get the wrong impression when they hear the word Fashion. Fashion isn’t about looking pretty, it’s about attitude! When you feel free enough to dare your own style, you’re being confident enough to tell the world ‘This is me and you know what? I like it’” – Dane

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