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Haiti First

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti 15 miles from Port-Au-Prince. The initial quake – and 50+ strong aftershocks – caused an incomprehensible level of devastation and destruction, leaving over 3 million people without adequate food, shelter, water and virtually no municipal infrastructure.

HRG is dedicated to helping Haiti rebuild in the wake of this disaster. We know this can only be accomplished successfully with a plan that puts Haitians first – a plan that empowers the people and businesses to be leaders in their own training and rebuilding efforts while respecting tradition.

Our goal: Quick, effective and comprehensive recovery that leaves Haiti a stronger, more capable and prosperous nation.

Capable & Ready

A dynamic partnership, U.S.-based AshBritt, Inc., and the GB Group of Haiti have joined forces to form HRG - a powerful alliance offering the most versatile and comprehensive resources possible to complete a recovery effort of such great magnitude. Learn more about our approach and strategy.

AshBritt Environmental
Providing full disaster recovery and special environmental services, AshBritt is a recognized leader in emergency contracting. With nearly 20 years of experience, we've managed over 90 disaster missions, including debris cleanup for Hurricane Katrina. Learn more about AshBritt.

The GB Group
As one of the largest, most dynamic industrial and commercial entities in Haiti, the GB Group boasts a workforce of 2,000. We've built a strong network of global and local partners in multiple sectors - from construction to petroleum products. Learn more about The GB Group.

Tradition Respected & Hope Restored

Our Mission
HRG is committed to assisting and supporting the Haitian people in a swift and comprehensive earthquake recovery effort, which leaves them a stronger, more capable and prosperous nation.

Our Vision
Our "Haiti First" focus starts with training Haitians in sustainable skills and putting them to work right away. It means partnering with existing local businesses, providing safe housing and relying on experts to effectively manage recovery operations.

Learn more about our approach and strategy.

Opportunities Provided

Successfully rebuilding Haiti starts with empowering its people and its businesses. HRG plans to rely on local labor to the fullest extent, with up to 90 percent of jobs filled by Haitian residents. We will employ local contractors first and identify key leadership in various disciplines to train and mentor an evolving workforce. On-the-job and classroom training combined with contractor support will ensure the most proficient team possible.

Learn more about our strategy and capabilities.

Strategy for Success

Rebuilding Haiti is all about the people and their tradition. The task is large, but not insurmountable. It will require an incredible level of hard work and perseverance - two things embodied in every service HRG provides. The Haitian population continues to display these qualities in a time of tragedy along with an incredibly positive outlook on the future. We believe that fully integrating local residents into the workforce will have great outcomes and be critical to the success of this rebuilding effort. Learn more about our approach.

Broad, Experienced & Expert Services

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in emergency contracting and disaster missions, a workforce of over 2,000 and a strong network of local and global partners in multiple sectors, HRG offers unparalleled capability and expertise in providing a wide range of services, including:

  • Drainage Channel and Canal Cleaning
  • Dredging Services
  • Debris Hauling
  • Demolition
  • Disposal/Site Management
  • Landfill Management
  • Construction Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Sanitation Services
  • Solid Waste Collection

Contact Info

Haiti Recovery Group
C/O Acierie d'Haiti S.A.
Route Nationale #1
Port au Prince, Haiti

Telephone: Haiti 509-2813-0098 | U.S. 954-545-3535


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Phone 509 2813-0098,1 (954) 545-3535,