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Who We Are

Fonkoze was created over 28 years ago to bring financial inclusion and development services to Haiti's poor - providing them a viable way to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our Mission

Fonkoze is a family of organizations that work together to provide the financial and non-financial services to empower Haitians—primarily women—to lift their families out of poverty.

Our Vision

Fonkoze’s vision is for a Haiti where people, standing together, shoulder to shoulder, have pulled themselves out of poverty.

The Fonkoze Family

Fonkoze is a family of 3 organizations: Fonkoze Financial Services (Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze (SFF), S.A.), Fonkoze Foundation (Fondasyon Kole Zepòl) and Fonkoze USA.

Fonkoze Financial Services (SFF): is a Haitian microfinance company with a double bottom line: we aim to lift families and communities out of poverty while operating in a financially self?sustaining manner. Learn More.

Fonkoze Foundation (Fondasyon Kole Zepòl): is a Haitian non-profit institution that provides development services and programs to support the ultra-poor and Fonkoze’s microfinance clients with the resources and skills they need to overcome obstacles and become successful on their climb up Fonkoze’s Staircase Out of Poverty.

Fonkoze USA: is an American 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to securing financial and technical support for its Haitian partners. It educates the American public about Fonkoze’s work in Haiti, facilitates technical assistance for the two Haitian entities and raises money to support Fonkoze’s programs. Fonkoze USA also acts as a channel for socially responsible investors who want to “invest” in Fonkoze’s loan fund by lending their money at subsidized interest rates. Fonkoze USA gives American donors access to tax advantages available to the fullest extent allowed, and conducts the necessary due diligence on Fonkoze’s operations.

The Fonkoze Family works in an integrated manner to offer a holistic approach to reducing poverty in Haiti. Together with other stakeholders and partners, we work kole zepòl (shoulder?to?shoulder) to provide financial and non?financial services to empower Haitians — primarily women — to lift their families out of poverty.


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