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Our Business:

Sitwayen Lojistik is a social enterprise logistics company.  We operate as a for-profit company and contribute all of our profits to further developing the Haitian housing market. We put 50 percent of profits towards advancing our mission, and 50 percent towards our partner foundation, LEVE Housing, whose mission is safer, affordable homes for the Haitian people.


Sitwayen Lojistik is currently run as a department of Sitwayen Development Group.

Our Vision:

Our vision is a more successful logistics industry in Haiti.

Our Mission:

We work to create a more effective logistics industry in Haiti by providing professional shipping, storage, transportation, and consulting services. We take on projects that add prosperity to Haiti's economy while building capacity in the companies and the labor force we work with.

Our Founding Principles:

Opportunity. Haiti's logistics industry has great opportunity for growth.

Prosperity. The best way to ensure true, long-term prosperity in Haiti's logistics industry is through the free market.

Replicability. Sharing profitable, scale-able, and replicable business models is the most effective way to accelerate the success of the logistics industry.

Hard Work. Prosperity is not a right; it must be worked for and earned.

Integrity. Logistics services and businesses of integrity build better economic value.

Empowerment. We are best situated to promote a successful logistics industry by building companies from the bottom up, empowering individuals to create their own businesses and integrating within the current Haitian culture.



Our three core competencies are what make us different: efficiency, reliability, and commitment.

Efficiency. Our team provides logistics services at low costs, through simple and organized systems with tracking information systems.

Reliability. We pride ourselves on timely and reliable execution.  We have been operating successfully in Haiti since 2006, and our team has imported over $100 million worth of goods and run logistics operations for dozens of organizations.

Commitment. We are committed to the development of Haiti, taking seriously our vision of a more successful logistics industry in Haiti.  We put 50% of profits towards advancing our mission, and 50% towards our partner foundation, LEVE Housing.



Sitwayen Lojistik provides shipping and logistics services in Haiti. The services that we offer are listed below; additional services can be arranged in advance, on a client-by-client basis.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable services to customers in the most simple and easy manner possible. For more information about our services and pricing, or to request a work product sample, please contact us.


International Shipment Management

Importing and exporting goods to and from Haiti. We prepare all paperwork and filings with customs, government offices, and freight forwarders. We manage all embarking and warehouse storage logistics. This is service is billed per pallet of goods.

National Storage

Warehouse space for materials shipped to Haiti before being distributed. Service includes armed security in a secure compound in Port Au Prince. This service is billed by volume of materials stored, and elapsed time of storage.

National Distribution

Delivering materials to any location in Haiti. This service is billed per delivery, by geographic zone.


Purchase and delivery of requested materials to any location within the United States or Haiti. This service is billed as a percentage of the value of goods procured, plus billable services and costs.

Personnel Transport Services

Vehicle and driver services, on a contract-by-contract basis. We can service all group sizes with 4x4 trucks, SUV's, or economy vans. This service is billed by time of use.

Courier Services

Personalized pickup and delivery services. This service is billed on a case-by-case basis.

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