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REPUBLIC is a fully fledged Transportation Company operating under a contract with the GB Group.

REPUBLIC was born to provide GB Group affiliated companies an efficient and competitive national logistics platform that has since grown to offer its services to third parties. All REPUBLIC customers benefit from 24-48 hour delivery from moment order is placed to any point in the country.

Presently, REPUBLIC is one of the largest cargo fleets in the country benefiting from uninterrupted timely service. Republic also enjoys the added advantages of having qualified and professional staff to ensure equipment is continuously maintained in pristine conditions.

The fleet includes but is not limited to:
Open flat bed trailers
Enclosed trailers
Platform trucks
Container chassis
Low boys

REPUBLIC has the infrastructure and resources to guarantee continued growth with current and future customers. Additionally, Republic primarily looks to establish long-term contracts with select key customers.

The fleet is outfitted with state of the art GPS tracking devices to monitor equipment utilization performance by providing the customer relationship team the most current information on truck location and ETA.

Safety is of the utmost importance; therefore Republic also monitors driver safety records by following speed of travel. As such, it is encouraged for anyone wanting to inform management of less than safe driving to contact REPUBLIC via email:

REPUBLIC always delivers!

Address Route Nationale #1, Chancerelles, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2814-0000,509 2814-0002,