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Ship It Right!

Ship it Right!

Droompac Haiti

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DROOMPAC your consultant in the world of Air, International Shipping and Global transport throughout the world.

DROOMPAC deals with the pickup of your parcels and containers anywhere in the world and delivers them directly to your door in any designated country.

In Miami, DROOMPAC will receive and store your packages in their warehouse. The address of DROOMPAC in Miami becomes your very own.

DROOMPAC will deal with export formalities in your designated country.

DROOMPAC will take care of customs bond in your designated country. Our aim is to make our customers benefit from our quick service and competitive pricing in the chains of air, shipping and global transport and our door to door delivery services.

Take advantage of our pre-purchasing services abroad that DROOMPAC has to offer. We will purchase products on your behalf directly from your suppliers, in stores or on-line.

Contact DROOMPAC regarding our moving services in Haiti and anywhere in the world.

DROOMPAC provides storage for your personal items and commercial goods in its up-to-date warehousing facilities.


Droompac Haiti Freight Forwarding Droompac Haiti, by land air and sea


DROOMPAC, helping you find the best solutions in the Global Marketplace

The changing nature of the worldwide markets and the technical world of freight forwarding require a skilled forwarding partner to steer you in the right course.  Our primary focus is to understand our customer’s needs and expectations and finding the best solutions at affordable prices.

Innovative Cutoms Brokerage Solutions

DROOMPAC will take care of customs procedures and clearance from /to any  country in the world.  Our aim is to make our customers benefit from our expertise and effectiveness for the clearance of their goods arriving in any part of the world ensuring clearance, handling and delivery service.

In Haiti, customs clearance is known to be a challenge for imports into Haiti.  DROOMPAC strength is to understand the nature of the customer business and to provide accurate advice for the correct preparation of the import documentation prior to shipping.  DROOMPAC Brokerage team takes care of the import entries as soon as the shipments departs origin and will carry it through the final stage fast and easy.

In Haiti,  for customers with special entry such as NGO’s with customs duty exonerations, DROOMPAC offers an anticipated customs clearance process and will delivery their goods prior to the exemption approval, while the process continues in face of the Haitian administrations. . DROOMPAC analyzes the paperwork of the customer on a case-by-case basis and will assist the customer in face of the state administration to satisfactorily clear their goods out of customs within a short period of time.

Our customs brokerage services at a glance:


Preparation of the Import Documentation, SGS Inspection for commercial goods over $ 5,000, NGO and diplomatic import filing of duty free exemption , Door to door Customs brokerage services for Personal Effect shipments, anticipated delivery out of customs, storage, temporary customs entries for industrial goods, bonded facilities, warehousing.


Preparation of the Export Documentation, origin  Export Permit, Preparation of the Import documentation for the customs broker at destination, customs clearance in destination country, filing of import paperwork for personal effects, commercial goods, industrial goods returned to origin.  


Duty remissions, duty recovery audits, special relief programs



Release and entry reports, electronic invoices, statements, tariff information



Customs compliance, franchise duty free consultations, documentation compliance, commodity tax issues, free trade agreements, audit support


You can expect personalized service from your DROOMPAC representative, with a point of contact assigned to each account. And because our approach is always flexible, you’ll get the brokerage service you need for your unique business processes.

Helping you simplify your business

DROOMPAC offers a wide variety of programs that are customized to feet your exact requirements.
We have extensive experience in logistics planning, tracking your cargo and managing the information.
Our modern facilities in Miami and Haiti are equipped with advanced technologies and are protected by unconventional security.
Our services and features include but are not limited to:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Cross-docking services
  • Full Warehousing solutions
  • Transportation Management
  • Special labeling and packaging
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Domestic and International distributions services
  • Full Logistics support
  • Management of logistics projects

We manage from small to large logistics projects according to a Six Step Process:

  • Acknowledgement: Establishing the parameters needed by the customer.
  • Initiation: The formal start of the project
  • Design: The formal agreement on how to approach the project and its deliverables
  • Planning: As per contract agreement, a detailed plan is created
  • Execution: After detailed planning and preparation, the project goes “live”
  • Closing: Gradually phase out and prepare for handover of the deliverables

Moving with ease of mind

DROOMPAC understands that moving to a new country or a new location can be stressful; we take care of everything for you, from packing your belongings to unpacking them at their final destination.


DROOMPAC International Moving 3 step Process

  1. Packing
    Our experienced team understands that the packing of your personal items for an overseas move requires special expertise. In order to ensure safe and secure transport of your belongings, they are packed in specially designed sea containers or custom-made crates. We ensure that your belongings are protected against damage and moisture penetration. We then load the belongings onto the moving van or into the sea container on the designated date. It is essential that the goods be properly loaded in order to prevent damage during transport.
  1. Transport
    After your belongings are securely packed, the container is transported to the port. We provide all export documentation. The transit time will depend on the final destination.
  1. Customs Clearance and Delivery
    When your personal effects arrive to the final destination, we will take care of the customs clearance process and delivery. DROOMPAC can also offer you with unpacking and waste clearing services in your new home.
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