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Agro Products and Services of Florida Corp. (APS), has its offices in Miami, Florida. It is a service company providing support to the activities of various affiliated companies in the GB Group (wherever they may be located).

Experienced in the field of commodities, the company provides commercial and logistics services to its affiliates. Staffed by professionals with considerable experience in the insurance and shipping of agricultural commodities, the company also provides shipping and insurance services to GB Group companies as well as to third parties.

On a continuous basis, APS staff follows various markets and currency fluctuations in order to provide up-to-the-minute advice with respect to the purchase of commodities and processed goods.

Once purchased, the insurance and shipping teams at APS arrange for the most advantageous freight rates and insurance premiums to then MONITOR EACH TRANSACTION and shipment until its destination is reached.

Comprehensive knowledge of letters of credit and other forms of trade financing allow APS to assist its clients in financing arrangements for their transactions.

Address 2875 NE 191st St # 903, Miami, FL, United States
Phone 1 305-521-3600,509 2814-0000,