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Tortug' Air is a domestic airline in Haiti, and serves as Haiti's national flag carrier. The airline was founded in March 2003 and is based in Port-au-Prince. According to the airline, more than 200 people are employed with the company.

Tortug' Air is a part of Haiti's transportation infrastructure. Despite the country's small size, the road network is in poor condition. Thus, air transportation takes on an oversized importance for Haiti. Tortug' Air serves that need with its domestic schedule. For example, its short flight from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel could be driven instead; but it would take approximately two hours by road. It is only eleven minutes by air.


Tortug' Air serves six destinations within Haiti, including the capital Port-au-Prince, the northern city of Cap-Haïtien, and the southern city of Jacmel.

Tortug' Air Commercial.


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Fly on Tortug Air and vacation at one of our partner's resorts, packages are available that will lower your total resort and air fare costs.

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Port Morgan
Abaka Bay

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Our Fleet

Our choice of aircraft provides the traveler with the best available cabin class features of any aircraft available. Our aircraft ensures efficient, reliable and comfortable service every flight, every day. Our aircraft has established a track record. They have proven to be reliable and safe .


Speed Mail

We are committed to providing the quickest and most affordable speed mail service available.

Please select the item you want to view below:

Speed Mail

A small, airport to airport, parcel, envelope and document delivery service.


Envelope Designed for regular size letter and legal documents that will fit into an envelope no bigger than 35.56 cm (10 inches) x 11cm (14 inches) and weighs less than 5 kgs (11 lbs).

We deliver airport to airport.

Cartons And Small Boxes

Box Cartons and small boxes weighing no more than 23 kgs (51 lbs), each, or boxes, bags and document tubes that have a volume of less than 0.11 cubic meters (4 cubic feet). Dimensions of the parcel not to exceed L + W + H = 1.42 M (56 inches). One single side should not exceed 1.22 M (48 inches).

Contacting Us

To contact us for more information, to find the status of you shipment or to arrange a delivery or pick-up Select Here and choose the telephone number of the cargo office closest to you.



Shipping is easy - just bring your envelop, carton or small box to our departure airport's check-in counter and complete the simple shipping forms. The envelope, carton or small box must be received at the departure airport's Tortug airport check-in counter one hour prior to the desired flight.

We will place your small carton and/or Speed Mail on the next available flight. Your shipment will get to its destination without delay!

Required Documentation

A copy of the shipping forms are sent together with the shipment.


All packages are available for pickup at their destination 30 minutes after arrival and we will gladly phone the recipient of a package if a phone number is provided.

Speed-Mail, Cartons and Small Boxes must be picked up in 7 days after their arrival. Failure to do so will result in a charge of USD 0.10 per day per kilogram to be levied on the item.


Not acceptable are hazardous or restricted articles valuable cargo, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, live animals, perishables, drugs and human remains corpses, cremated, disinterred remains).

Rates For Cartons And Small Boxes


From and To Rate For Up To 5kgs
Airport To Airport
Delivered On The Same Day
of Flight Or Next Day
Port-au-Prince Cape Haitien or
Las Cayes or
Jeremie or
Port de Paix
Santa Domingo
US$ 15.00 Same Day
Cap Haitien or
Las Cayes or
Jeremie or
Port de Paix
Santa Domingo
Port-au_Prince US$ 15.00 Same Day
Cap Haiten Las Cayes or
Jeremie or
Port de Paix
Santa Domingo
US$ 30.00 Next Day
Las Cayes Cap Haiten or
Jeremie or
Port de Paix
Santa Domingo
US$ 30.00 Next Day
Jeremie Cap Haiten or
Las Cayes
Port de Paix
Santa Domingo
US$ 30.00 Next Day
Port de Paix Cap Haiten or
Las Cayes
Santa Domingo
US$ 30.00 Next Day
Santa Domingo Cap Haiten or
Las Cayes
Port de Paix
US$ 30.00 Next Day


For envelopes, cartons and small boxes over 5kgs you can calculate the cost with the following formula: US$15.00 + (US$2.00 x each kgs over 5kgs).


Speed Mail, Envelopes, Cartons and Small Boxes are shipped on normal passenger flights. To view the schedule of passenger flights select: Passenger Flight Schedules



Tortug Air not only caters for passenger services but also provides charter flights to any Tortug'Air destinations or any commercial airports in Haiti. Our passenger fleet consists of both Jetstream 32 and LET 410 UVP-E aircraft.

To request a charter reservation you can fill out the Tortug Air charter reservation form below or call the head office in Haiti at:


+(509) 2511-4613
+(509) 2512-5534
+(509) 2812-8000
+(866) 211-1554 - Toll Free





Tortug'Air provides safe and efficient air transportation.

Our choice of aircraft provides the traveler with the best available cabin class features of any regional commuter aircraft available.


British Aerospace Jetstream 3200

Our fleet of British Aerospace Jetstream 3200 aircraft ensures efficient, reliable and comfortable service every flight, every day. J32

The Jetstream 3200 aircraft has an established track record of more than 320 aircraft in service with airlines around the world. It has proven to be reliable and safe with over two million flight hours, two and a half million landings and 99% reliability in more than 20 years of service.


The Jetstream 3200 aircraft are in service around the world flying in diverse conditions, not only in commuter passenger configuration but also Corporate Shuttle, VIP, Air Ambulance and other special roles.

The wide, roomy cabin with stand up headroom comfortably seats 19 passengers. Low internal noise and minimal vibration levels are due to triple pane windows and heavy soundproofing. The large windows and individual reading lamps provide a bright atmosphere, with personal air condition outlets for optimal comfort.


Technical Data

Data for the Jetstream 3200:

Crew 2
Passengers 19
Wing Span 15.85m (52'0ft)
Length 14.36m (47'1ft)
Height 5.32m (17'6ft)
Maximum Weight 16,314lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight 16,205lbs
Zero Fuel Weight 14,330lbs
Basic Operating Weight 10.800lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 15,609lbs
Fuel Capacity
Standard (lbs) 3,248
Standard (gal) 484
Maximum Speed 488km/h (303mph)
Maximum Climb Rate 2,000 Feet/min
Ceiling 25,000ft
Maximum Range 978 miles (1,578km)
Number 2
Model Garrett TPE331-12
Shaft Horsepower 1,020 SHP per engine


The LET410 UVP-E provides first class comfort, while simultaneously servicing both paved and unpaved airstrips. In the 17-seater class, no plane is better suited for short-haul transport than this aircraft.


L-410 UVP-E aircraft, one of the most successful light regional airplanes in the world, is intended for transporting passengers, cargo and mail on local routes.

Due to its unique design, L-410 aircraft requires only 565 m of runway for taking off, both engines operating, and a 640 m runway for landing with maximum weight.

L-410 aircraft has been optimized to perform flights on local routes. Low price, low operating cost and simple maintenance procedures as well as high fuel efficiency make L-410 the most economical aircraft of this type. The aircraft has proved to be the most reliable and effective with all its systems and equipment easy to control and smooth to operate, even under the extreme conditions.


Let seat map

As compared to passenger cabins of this aircraft type, L-410 passenger cabin is more spacious, which the provides the highest comfort level of any aircraft in this class.

Spacious compartment and low maintenance costs make L-410 aircraft an ideal flight vehicle to be operated in business aviation.

Technical Data

Data for the LET 410 UVP-E aircraft:

Crew 2
Passengers 17
Wing Span 63.91 ft (19.98 m)
Length 47.3 ft (14.424 m)
Height 19.1 ft (5.83 m)
Entrance Door 2.6 x 4.8 ft (0.80 x 1.46 m)
Cargo Door 4.1 x 4.8 ft. (1.23 x 1.46 m)
Cabin Volume (17.9 cd m)
Maximum Weight  
Maximum Takeoff Weight 15,550 lb (6,600 kg)
Zero Fuel Weight  
Basic Operating Weight  
Maximum Landing Weight 14,109 lb (6,400 kg)
Fuel Capacity
Standard (lbs) 2,862 lb
Standard (gal) 427
Maximum Speed 240mph (208 kn)
Maximum Climb Rate 1,300 Feet/min
Ceiling 20,000ft
Maximum Range 756.83 miles (1,318km)
Number 2
Model Walter M601-E
Shaft Horsepower 751 SHP/Engine

Address Clercine 18 (Building Tarimex), Tabarre, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2812-8000,509 2812-8005,1 (809) 756 4446 Santo Domingo