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The sky is your limit, let us be your wings

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Helico S.A. seeks to provide a premier service to its diverse client base on the island. Adhering to international standards, Helico guarantees the safest possible journey to all of its customers. With customer service and safety at heart, we guarantee that our performance will be to your satisfaction.

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Founded in 2008, Helico S.A. looks to provide an alternative to the inefficient means of ground transportation in Haiti. Operating a fleet of 2 helicopters, Helico has proven itself an asset to both tourism and the corporate world.

Based in Port-au-Prince, Helico has catered to a vastness of industries to the likes of telecommunication, land surveying, tourism, medicine, and other social services. The efficiency of helicopter travel has been ideal in instances of emergency or simple daily operations.

In 2008, Helico provided aerial support in the evacuation of Gonaives lead by Doctors Without Borders following the devastation of the city by a battery of hurricanes and also helped the Haitian Red Cross coordinate with their representatives in the provinces. (Click to see Testimonial). The company also allowed investors to tour the country and locate potential sites for tourism developments. Furthermore, the service provided telecommunication companies to perform emergency repairs to remote equipment around the country.

On January 12, 2010 a 7.3 magnitude earthquake ravaged Port-au-Prince. When the demand for air evacuations was at its greatest, Helico S.A. became the link between the medical centers of the Dominican Republic and the victims in the devastated Haitian capital, saving patients vital time on a journey that would otherwise take hours.

Those who have already opted to benefit from the service provided by Helico S.A. can vouch for the advantages presented by helicopter travel; safety, efficiency, and comfort. Linking all of the cities of Haiti to Port-au-Prince, Helico offers a congestion-free trip to your desired destination.


  • Corporate

Helico is built around efficiency, a key pillar in today’s corporate world. Our pilots are all FAA certified and have completed their manufacturer factory training. Being the first private helicopter charter service in Haiti, Helico opens a new way to conduct business in the country. When carrying out business projects, time is key.
Traveling with Helico saves you that vital time and allows you to complete your business plans in safety and comfort. Contact us and you will be taking one step closer to realizing your dreams.

  • Tour

The Republic of Haiti is a jewel waiting to be rediscovered. Hidden behind the mask of decadence, there lies a rich history and landscape waiting to be revealed and take your breath away. Unfortunately, the lack of infrastructure in the country has repeatedly deterred tourists from experiencing the other aspects of Haiti. It is for this reason that we have taken to the sky.
Helico puts you minutes away from your dream destination, whether it is the awe-inspiring Citadel majestically overlooking the North, or the pearl white sands of Ile la Vache’s shoreline.


Helico operates the Robinson 44 Raven II helicopter. Our machines are fully equipped with comfortable leather seats, air conditioning, Bose noise-canceling headsets, and excellent visibility for all passengers.

Capacity: 3 passengers/ 900lbs
Cruise: 100 knots (115 mph)


All our maintenance is conducted by professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and with manufacturer approved facilities and staff. Strict record keeping and attention to detail ensure our helicopters are kept in excellent, flight worthy condition.


The Robinson R44 II Helicopter is powered by a Lycoming IO-540 Piston Engine. This AvGas burning power plant is a six-cylinder, horizontally opposed, fuel injected, air-cooled engine capable of producing 245hp in its current configuration.


The R44 is an excellent choice for many roles. It combines fast speed and fuel efficiency making it very economical and its small size means you can land just about anywhere! It’s used for these reasons all over the world by TV Stations for news gathering, Police departments for aerial survey, and tour companies for letting you see the natural beauty of a destination for a unique perspective.

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