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+509 3911-2222

Dominican Republic
+1 (809) 236-0777

Republic of Haiti
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Republic of Cuba - Havana
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Safety, Comfort, Punctuality...

About Us

Sunrise Airways is committed to giving our customers a world-class experience while traveling within Haiti. The company’s goal is to provide effortless, reliable, cost-efficient and safe transportation of both passengers and cargo.

Employing a staff of 130 highly-skilled, trained members of personnel, the company’s customers are able to enjoy the multiple benefits derived from tailored, innovative and cost-efficient solutions to their transportation-related needs.

Sunrise Airways also specializes in rapid deployment of personalized passenger charters (ad-hoc charter flights, chains of charter flights, and wet lease of its aircraft). At the moment, the company owns a fleet of three LET 410’s and three Jetstreams.


With over 33 years of expert knowledge in the aviation industry we still strive to better ourselves with every step. One of our core business functions and part of our mission is safety, we are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities take place under a balanced allocation of organizational resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance and meeting national and international standards.







Passengers can make reservations online, over the phone or at one of our counters.

Group rates

We offer discounts for groups up to 19 passengers with priority service for those specializing in:

  1.     Charities and relief org.
  2.     Health care workers
  3.     Government employees
  4.     Sports teams

Charters Flights

You can charter a flight from any airport in Haiti to any nearby Caribbean or Haitian destination. For more information contact us.

We deliver cargo to all destinations in Haiti and can offer some ground assistance. Some examples of cargo services that we provide include:

  1.     Time sensitive cargo
  2.     Industry charters
  3.     Humanitarian aid
  4.     Consumer goods
  5.     Hazardous materials
  6.     and more..

Cargo Door Dimensions:

1.25x1.46m (4.1x4.8 ft)

Maximum Payload:

1 800 kg (3 968 lb)



Airport to Airport mail service for envelopes not exceeding a standard legal document size of 11 x 35cm or 10 x 14 in. with a weight not exceeding 6kgs or 13lbs and 6oz’s is offered. Mail exceeding weight restrictions will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per kilogram of excess

SAME day mail delivery of parcels is $15.00 from and to Port-au-Prince to any Haitian airport. Between all other Haitian airports the limited time price is $25.00 and is delivered on the NEXT day.

For more information contact us.

Restrictions - Please contact us for more information

Our Fleet


Jetstream 31/32  

About the Aircraft - Jetstream 31 and Jetstream 32

The Jetstream 31 and the Jetstream 32EP are 19-seat turboprop airliners in operation worldwide manufactured by British Aerospace. The Jetstream 31 entered service in 1982 and the increased power Jetstream 32 in 1988. BAE Systems completed an upgrade programme for the Jetstream 32 resulting in the Jetstream 32EP (enhanced performance) aircraft, certificated in 1997, which has short field capability and hot and high operational performance. Over 400 Jetstream 31/32 aircraft have been delivered.

LET 410-UVP / UVP-E  

About the Aircraft - LET410-UVP and LET410-UVP-E

The Let L-410 Turbolet is a twin engined short-range transport aircraft, manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET, mostly used for passenger transport. The L-410 first flew in 1969, and with more than 1100 produced, is the most popular 19-seat plane in history., this aircraft can be used with short or even unpaved runways.

Route Maps


Want to work for Sunrise Airways?

We are always actively seeking outgoing, creative and customer oriented individuals to work with us. If you can make a contribution to our organization contact us.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the primary civil aviation operator in the Caribbean. Sunrise Airways' largest advantage is its ethnically diverse workforce. We believe that all of our employees have a voice. The wealth of an ethnically diverse workforce is the driving force behind our ability to rapidly adapt within such a fast paced and competitively charged industry. Room for growth. We provide all of our employees with the opportunity for personal and career growth. We especially value highly motivated, committed, and client oriented individuals.

Contact Us

On the quest for a better airline

you have finally reached your one stop destination to safer and more reliable travel in Haiti. Our professional staff is more than pleased to make your travel arrangements as seamless as possible. All inquiries are processed within a 12 hour time span. If you require immediate assistance you can reach us by phone.


Aerogare Guy Malary

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Address Aérogare Guy Malary, Port-au-Prince
Phone +509 3911-2222 (WhatsApp),+509 2220-0111 (Haiti),+1 (305) 433-2707 (Miami)