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Products & Services

Charter Services
Haiti Aviation is authorized to operate both domestic and international charter and

scheduled services.

For more information or to request a charter quote feel free to contact us:


Haiti Aviation - USA

937 NE 125th Street

Miami, FL 33161

Tel. +1 305 907 9393

Tel. +1305 600 3432

Toll free :+1(855)226.0385

Monday - Sunday 9PM - 9PM


Haiti Aviation - Haiti

Aeroport Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel. +011 509 2812 2812

Tel. +011 509 4890 9090

Monday - Friday 7AM - 7PM • Saturday 8AM - 5PM


Group Fares

This is a service that allows groups of 10 paying passengers to get the 11th ticket free, excluding fees and taxes : Churches - Bands - Sport team, etc. All fees will be applied on changes of schedule for all issued tickets


Business Opportunities


Buy 5 Round Trips tickets for $1000.00USD….........Use them——-sell them.——Keep

them - Make a profit!

These ticket will be issued in the form of a Voucher.

This is a limited time offer and tickets can only be use during low season

excluding holidays:

Low Season:

September 5 - December 15.

March 1 - May 31.

All Ticket rules will be applied. Ticket will expire two (2) years from the date of



Shuttle Services

Haiti Aviation will provide Free shuttle services for passengers with a valid ticket from/to Port-au-Prince (via Route Nationale # 1) From/to Cap-Haitian on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



Haiti Aviation has inaugural flight and AA adds routes in time for Carnival

Written by
The Sentinel Staff

Monday, July 22, 2013 10:31 AM

Passengers step off of a Haiti Aviation air plane

Passengers step off of a Haiti Aviation air plane

MIAMI, USA ( - A new airline, Haiti Aviation, takes flight and American Airlines adds two trips to Port-au-Prince just in time for the tip off of Carnival des Fleurs.

The Vice Consul of Haiti in Miami, Guy Francois, through cooperation with American Airlines officials was able to add two more flights to accommodate visitors to the island. These trips will be available on Friday, July 26 and Saturday July 27, 2013.

Convenience continued to be increased when Haitian airliner, Haiti Aviation, made it's inaugural flight on Friday. The Haiti Press Network reports:

With 150 passengers - Haitian and other nationalities from Miami - on board, the MD 83 landed for the first time on the runway at Toussaint Louverture International Airport around noon, two-hour late arrival because the aircraft should have arrived at 10:00 AM.

The first flight was filled with the curiosity of some passengers and the satisfaction of others.

Ouvèti yon nouvo liy ayeryèn Ayisyen ki pote non ''Haïti Aviation S A'' kap asire trajè Miami Pòtopr

"I am proud of this new airline named for the country," welcomed passenger Jean Jacques Anatin as he left the plane. "Everything was ok. There was no problem for the first flight except there was a small delay as happens with other companies."

"Haiti Aviation gave us a discount. I hope that the company officials continue on the same path in order to attract more customers," said another passenger, smiling.

With the official launch of its activities, Haiti Aviation, which now connects Haiti and several other cities in the world, to include mission to contribute to the promotion of tourism in the country.

"We are pleased that the government home this new airline that will help through its activities to move forward the promotion of tourism. We will sign an agreement to this end with company officials, "said Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, which considers the name Haiti Aviation as a means to promote tourism in the country.

According to officials of Haiti Aviation, the company plans to serve more cities in the world with Haiti. They are also considering long distance flights.

Passenger Information



  • Confirmed Seats
  • Direct bookings made with Haiti Aviation, customers who have purchased a reservation via or by contacting (855) 226.0385 hold a confirmed reservation.
  • Travel agency or internet travel site bookings (customers who have purchased reservations through a travel agency or on the internet) other than at hold a confirmed reservation.



  • Passenger must check in for international flights at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and you must be at the gate at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Passenger must check in for international flights at the Full Service check-in counters.
  • Passenger will be responsible for any charges incurred for late baggage check.

Cancellation of Reservations


All reservations are subject to cancellation without notice if:
  • The customer is not present at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for domestic flights; or 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights even if the customer has already checked in for the flight at a location designated for check-in.
  • The customer fails to fulfill the requirements of the fare type of that reservation. (For example, the customer who fails to notify Haiti Aviation and fails to travel on any segment of a booked itinerary will have all subsequent segments cancelled.)
  • Such action is necessary to comply with any governmental regulation or direction, or to comply with any governmental request for emergency transportation in connection with the national defense.
  • If Haiti Aviation refuses to transport the customer for any of the reasons stated above, the customer would not be eligible for denied boarding compensation

Acceptance of Refusal of Customers


  • Identification
  • A customer who refuses or fails to produce identification upon request may be denied service.
  • Conduct/Condition

A customer shall not be permitted to board the aircraft or may be required to leave an aircraft if that customer’s conduct is disorderly, abusive or violent or if the customer:

  • is or appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;
  • interferes or attempts to interfere with any member of the flight crew in the pursuit of his/her duties;
  • is or is perceived by the flight crew to pose a security threat to the airline and/or other customers;
  • has a contagious disease that is transmissible during the normal course of a flight, e.g., chicken pox;
  • is unable or unwilling to sit in a seat with a seat belt fastened during the normal course of a flight;
  • is advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond its control (including, without limitation, acts of God, labor disturbances, strikes, civil commotions, embargoes, wars, hostilities, or disturbances) actual, threatened, or reported.
  • customer refuses to permit a search of person or property for explosives, or for deadly or dangerous weapons, articles, or substances.
  • is barefoot or inadequately clothed; and fails to obey lawful instructions of flight crew members.
  • is denied boarding and/or required to leave an aircraft for safety and/or regulatory reasons under paragraph “Acceptance or Refusal of Customers” and its sub sections will not be eligible for a refund.
  • travel documents of such customer are not in order;
  • Persons who have an offensive odor may be refused transportation and removed from the aircraft unless caused by a qualified disability.


Passengers are responsible for meeting all documentation and proof of citizen requirements for their travel. A valid passport is required for all customers (regardless of age) traveling to or from the United States. For more information on how to obtain, renew or otherwise manage your passport please visit the U.S. Department of State Passport website. Please note that a passport card cannot be used for airline travel. All passports must be in good condition (not torn or the information page illegible) per the U.S. Department of State. In general, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you enter a foreign country. Some countries require 2 to 4 blank pages available in your passport to travel. If the name on your passport or other travel documents does not match the name on your reservation, you may be required to show additional documents, such as a notarized marriage certificate. Other documentation in addition to a valid passport may be required. Customers should consult the requirements of the countries they are transiting/visiting on the U.S. Department of State International Travel Information page. Requirements for travel as well as embassy information can be found there.

All customers should consult the current Travel Alerts and Warnings prior to planning an international trip.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of State, U. S. Department of State Travel FAQs and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Non-U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad

Some customers may be eligible for a VISA waiver under the Customs and Border Protection’s ESTA program. Travelers are encouraged to apply when preparing travel plans. For more information on the ESTA program visit the CBP ESTA website.

In conjunction with the ESTA program, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security utilizes biometrics to verify identity.

Find out more about the US-VISIT program.


Compliance with Regulations:

  • The customer shall comply with all laws, regulations, orders, demands, or travel requirements of countries to be flown from, into, or over, and with all rules, regulations, and instructions of Haiti Aviation. Haiti Aviation shall not be liable for any aid or information given by any agent or employee of Haiti Aviation to any customer in connection with obtaining necessary documents or complying with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, requirements, or instructions, whether given orally, in writing, or otherwise, or the consequences to any customer resulting from his/her failure to obtain such documents or to comply with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, requirements, or instructions.
  • Haiti Aviation is not liable to the customer for loss of expenses due to the customer’s failure to comply with this provision. Haiti Aviation reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to refuse carriage to any customer who has not, in the judgment of Haiti Aviation, complied with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The customer agrees to pay the applicable fare whenever Haiti Aviations, on government order, is required to return a customer to his or her point of origin or elsewhere due to the customer’s inadmissibility into or deportation from a country, whether of transit or of destination.
  • Haiti Aviation reserves the right to hold, photocopy, or otherwise make an image reproduction of a travel document presented by any customer and accepted by Haiti Aviation as a condition of boarding.

Children traveling alone

Unaccompanied minors cannot be booked on Haiti Please call our Reservations department. There will be a fee of $100USD each way.

Guidelines for an Infant/Child Safety Seat

Infants and children may occupy a seat with or without a Child Restraint System (CRS). If the infant is not in a child restraint system, they must be able to sit upright. Use of booster seats, harness and vest restraints will not be allowed during the movement on surface, takeoff or landing, unless it is an FAA-approved device.

*All special accommodations are left to the discretion of the Inflight Crew members.

If checking a safety seat, it will not count as one of your checked bags and there is no fee assessed.

Child aviation restraint systems (CARES) are also certified by the FAA for use during all phases of flight including taxiing, takeoff, landing and during periods of turbulence. CARES is a belt-andbuckle device that attaches directly to the aircraft seatbelt. It is designed for children over one year old, weighing between 22 and 44 pounds.

Please note, Haiti Aviation does not provide safety seats, child aviation restraint systems (CARES), nor the bags/boxes to cover them.

In addition, the following guidelines will be observed:

  1. an infant safety seat should be placed in a window seat; it may be placed in a middle seat or aisle seat as long as the other seat(s) remain empty or occupied by another infant seat. An infant safety seat may not obstruct a Customer’s pathway to the aisle.
  2. infant safety seats may not be placed between two individuals.
  3. an infant safety seat may face backward if it is FAA approved and properly secured by the parent/guardian
  4. only one lap infant will be assigned per row of seats on each side of the aircraft.
  5. lap infants may not be seated in emergency exit rows
  6. any infant seat used during flight must remain secured to the passenger seat at all times, even when unoccupied.

Traveling Internationally with a lap infant

A child over three days old until their second birthday is considered a lap child and does not need to pay for a seat. Haiti Aviation does not reserve a seat for these children unless a separate seat is purchased.

Once a child has their second birthday, they are no longer considered a lap child and a seat must be purchased in order for them to travel. If the child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight.

All customers are required to have a valid passport for international travel. Customers will be required to present the infant’s passport to a Haiti Aviation crew member prior to boarding any international flight. In addition to the country-specific documentation requirements outlined below, infants between three and 14 days old must also have, in the form of a letter, their doctor’s approval to travel.

Customers traveling with lap infants and departing FROM an international destination (Exception: Puerto Rico – U.S. Territory) to the U.S. will be assessed an infant fee. Please note the infant fees vary based upon international point of origin. Should the customer be traveling round trip, the fee is only assessed when flying FROM the international city to the U.S.



Outbound: Miami, FL – Port-au-Prince, Haiti (no infant fee assessed or charged)

Return: Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Miami, FL (infant fee assessed and charged)

  1. All infants/lap children traveling from an international destination to the U.S. must be ticketed
  2. Lap infants must be traveling with an adult customer at least 14 years of age or older, and the infant must sit on the adult’s lap during takeoff and landing.
  3. Only one lap child per adult is allowed. Due to the number of oxygen masks per row, only one lap child is allowed per row of three seats.
  4. A lap child may bring one diaper bag, one stroller and a car seat. They do not qualify for the checked baggage allowance.

In addition to the information above, regardless of nationality, children traveling with an adult other than a parent or legal guardian must have a notarized letter of authorization.

Respiratory Device/Portable Oxigen

Certain respiratory assistive devices (including portable oxygen concentrators, respirators, and ventilators) designated by the Federal Aviation Administration may be used on board Haiti Aviation. Customers using such permitted devices must do so strictly in accordance with applicable regulations, including the carriage of sufficient batteries. Haiti Aviation personnel are not trained to assist with or operate such devices. Customers may contact Haiti Aviation at 1 (855)226 0385 or refer to for a list of acceptable devices and associated requirements.


Customers who are pregnant are urged to consult with their physician on whether it is safe to travel by air, including with due consideration to the possibility of turbulence, cabin pressurization, significantly increased risk of deep vein thrombosis associated with pregnancy, and lack of ready access to medical care. This is particularly important for women in their ninth month of pregnancy, who are urged to obtain an examination from her physician shortly before flying to confirm that flying by air will be safe. Women with a history of complications or premature delivery should not fly at all. By travelling with Haiti Aviation, pregnant women acknowledge and accept these risks.


All customers with disabilities will be provided transportation except when refused transportation per the Federal Aviation Regulations regarding safety. Customers with disabilities need not give advance notice. A 48-hour advance notice is only required for the services, equipment, and accommodations stated in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 14 CFR part 382.37 (c) regarding nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in air travel.

Customers with disabilities are not required to travel with an attendant unless it is determined by the carrier that an attendant is essential for safety as stated in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 14 C.F.R. part 382.29 regarding nondiscrimination on he basis of disability in air travel. Haiti Aviation personnel are not obligated to provide special assistance for personal needs (e.g., assistance in actual eating, assistance within the restroom, provision of medical services).

Address Aeroport Toussaint Louverture, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2812-2812,509 4890-9090,1 (305) 907-9393