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"Cargo Is Our Business"



Since 1950, we have been a leading provider of Freight Transportation Solutions operating out of Haiti. We are always at your service, offering a one-stop shop, with Customs brokerage, bonded warehouse solutions, Break Bulk agent.



Brokerage services provided by Maison Malebranche date back to 1950 when Ervé Malebranche Sr., a Customs Broker, started offering his services to the community from his Avenue Marie Jeanne office at Bicentenaire in Port au Prince.

Since 1970, continuity has been competently assured by Ervé Malebranche Jr., who, after spending ten years under his father’s guidance, also became a Customs Broker, introducing the above-stated services, in cooperation with his only sister Yasmine Malebranche Paul, a specialist in accounting, auditing and logistics. The general idea was to offer all these services from a single counter, a one-stop, multiple-service shop.

The success of Maison Malebranche encompasses three successive generations:

First: Ervé Malebranche, Sr., founder of the corporation in 1950;

Second: His son Ervé Malebranche, Jr., President and CEO since 1982. His daughter Yasmine Malebranche Paul, with 29 years of experience, Research Auditor, in charge of Accounting Report to Airlines, etc.;

Third: His grandson Dimitri Malebranche, dynamic Operations Manager since 2001, already 12 years of experience.
Ervé Malebranche, Jr


And today, his granddaughter Patricia Malebranche Clervil, getting ready to become the new, licensed Customs Broker of the corporation- Third Edition!

The high standing of the "Maison Malebranche" in our society is the product of a clientele who, over the last 60 years, without fail, has regularly kept in contact with a staff that is experienced, progressive, and reliable, and who has been working for nearly 20 years under the name, "Messageried’Haïti, S.A., MESDHASA."

Our Team


Ervé Malebranche Jr. Yasmine Malebranche Paul Dimitri Malebranche
Customs Broker, President and CEO since 1982 Research Auditor and Airlines Account Reporter Dynamic Operations Manger



  • Customs Clearance
  • Air & Ocean Freight consolidation - Break Bulk
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Packaging
  • General Sales Agency representation for Passenger & Cargo Airlines (GSA)
  • Local transportation (Trucking)
  • Door-to-door services
  • Export Documentations
  • Bonded Warehouse for storage and cargo handling


Representation and Sales

The Representation & Sale of air cargo and passenger transport, with over 40 years of reliable and trustworthy relationships with customers in Haiti.


Logistics is our business. We handle both Inbound & Outbound logistics as well as after-sales logistics. Please inquire as to how we can best negotiate your next logistical obstacle.

Bonded Warehouse

We provide "Customs Bonded Warehouse." Our warehouses are located both indoors & outdoors with storage under monitoring cameras, to ensure security. Monitoring and package reports are conducted in the repository both before and after delivery.

All units of Customs and Government Security Agencies are in place to perform their statutory functions.

Our Terminal and Warehouse charges are the cheapest in the industry.
The Terminal/Warehouse are fortified with strong perimeter fence and secured 24/7.

Packaging & Crafting

It is with the greatest care that we provide Packaging & Crating options for your cargo. No matter the size, weight or number of pieces you intend to move, we can get it there.

Break Bulk Agent

We are Break Bulk Agents, which means we can get you the best price for safely moving your cargo by breaking up your loads to fill vacancies in shipping containers.

Pickup & Delivery

We use the phrase, "from door to port, port to door, door to door," literally. Will will pick up your cargo at your door and & deliver it to the doorstep of its destination. We also make courier services arrangements for hand delivery.


Your shipments are received and placed in our bonded warehouse, located right at the international airport. Once shipment is received, we will immediately notify you and start with customs clearance and delivery.

Freight Forwarding

We organize shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution by contracting with a carrier.

Service Counter

Our service counter and telephone line is always staffed by real people who know the business to better serve you, the customer.

Address Route de l Aeroport (en face National Gas Station), Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2813-1424,509 3613-6916,1 (786) 871-0114