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Airfreight and Sea freight (Consolidation Deconsolidation)

A.I.Shipping International provides Worldwide coverage Ocean transportation both Less than Container Load, LCL and Full Container Load, FCL to and from Haiti, at a very affordable rate, the best transit time available coupled with a frequent sailing reducing waiting time for shipment.

The key to our success (reside) in our constant effort to provide to our customers and partners the highest quality service available in the market to meet the requirement and expectations.

Currently we are able to serve at the following port in Haiti:

The main port of Port-au-Prince, Saint Marc, Miragoâne, Cap-Haïtien, Gonaïves

Annual turnover approximately 135 unit yearly both 20’ and 40’ container for 2001, 145 unit for 2003 and 245 unit for 2005.

Custom Clearance

Our custom department is dedicated to offer a combined full assistance, lowest rate, on time delivery of cargo through the Haitian customs, personalized service, underlined the attention required by your cargo processing the necessary forms until the on site delivery of cargo.

Pick up and delivery Inland Transportation

A.I.Shipping International provides pick up and delivery service at any place around the world on a around the clock term, we also provides inland transportation to major cities around the country as well as cross-border inland transportation to and from the Dominican Republic.

Project shipments / Hazardous Goods

A.I.Shipping International offers the full scopes of services related to special project ranging from on site pick up, consolidation to delivery on jobsite, we have available the experience, the necessary staff as well as equipment necessary to handle heavy and oversized cargos and materials as well as the handling of Hazardous goods.

Warehousing Distribution/ Packaging


A.I.Shipping International provides warehousing services at the main Sea terminal of Port-au-Prince, our office and warehouse located close to the port and the custom office is also a key factor on the service process, we are affiliated with a 20,000 square meters terminal with modern trucks and forklifts, update security and tracing system including video camera for indoor and outdoor surveillance. We also offer packaging, stuffing as well as distribution services.

Maritime Agency  

A.I.Shipping International also offers the full scope of Maritime Agency related services for any vessel calling our ports.

Manufacturer Agent  

A.I.Shipping International is a leading company in the field of market study and integration for various reliable and high capacity manufacturers and suppliers; we are mostly specialized in the complete scope of building construction hardware, food products...

About Us   A.I.Shipping International is a family owned fully devoted dynamic company established in 1981 headquartered in Port-au-Prince Haiti serving the transportation industry as Freight Forwarder, Maritime Agency and in the Trade industry as Manufacturer Agent. Retain customers satisfaction and partners cooperation as a key on the execution of our operations, by improving service standard and cooperation that guaranteed to us a worldwide recognition in the logistics field.


History of A.I.Shipping International

1981       A.I.Shipping International begins his first service as A.I.Shipping Broker offering Manufacturer Agent related services.

1983      Establishment of the Freight Forwarder Division

1985      Delivery of our Maritime Agency License

1989      Delivery of our Broker license

2001      Integration to Cargo International Logistics Network

2002      Integration to Interlog USA network, Air Sea Worldwide Logistics,

2003      Integration to the Atlas International Network

2006      Integration to World Cargo Alliance family Network



How to Determine Density?

To obtain the cubic dimensions of a shipment measure length, width and height. Next multiply the length, width and height to obtain the cubic dimensions inches.
Length 21", Width 20", Height 22"
21 x 20 x 22 = 9,240 cubic inches.

To convert cubic inches to cubic feet, divide the cubic inches by 1728 (the number of a cubic inches in a cubic foot).

9,240 / 1,728 = 5.35 cubic feet

To determine density, divide the weight of the shipment by the number of cubic feet.
80 / 5.35 = 14.95 lbs per cubic foot.

In cases where the shipment is palletized, the dimensions of the pallet determine cubic dimensions.
Although the original dimensions of the carton remains the same, the cubic dimensions now include those of the pallet.
Length 48", Width 40", Height 28" (22" plus 6" of pallet) 48 x 40 x 28 = 53,760 cubic inches.

Convert to cubic feet by dividing by 1728.

53,760 / 1728 = 31.1 cubic feet.

The density then equals the weight 110 (80lbs for the carton plus approximately 30 lbs for the pallet) divided by the cubic dimension.
110 / 31.1 = 3.54 lbs per cubic foot.


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