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Unitransfer USA Inc. (dba Unitransfer) is a subsidiary of Unibank S.A., a leading commercial bank in Haiti. Unitransfer has been in the money services business since August 1999 and initially focused its money remittance services towards the Haitian market. Using “niche and grass root marketing” strategies to target local Haitian communities, Unitransfer achieved its goal and is currently one of the leading players in the money remittance services to Haiti. There, Unitransfer provides remittance services such as home delivery of cash and food, cash pick-up and direct transfers into Unibank accounts.


UNITransfer in the Culture -  Carnival at Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince

After capturing a sizeable share of the Haitian remittance market, Unitransfer began focusing on developing new markets such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Currently Unitransfer provides remittance services in the following countries: United States, Aruba, Bahamas, Canada, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, France, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, St. Marteen and Turks and Caicos.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide customers with the fastest, most efficient, reliable and convenient way to transfer money at competitive rates.

Our goal is to be a unique link between migrant communities around the world and their relatives at home by fulfilling their various needs. Our basic focus is to build a special relationship with our customers, create a level of trust and gain their confidence.

Our Network

Unitransfer has a large network of authorized agencies in the following U.S. States:


Connecticut Louisiana New York
Florida Maryland Pennsylvania
Georgia Massachusetts Rhode Island
Illinois New Jersey    

Unitransfer provides money transfer services in the following countries:


Aruba Dominican Republic Jamaica
Bahamas France Martinique
Canada French Guyana St. Marteen
Curacao Guadeloupe Turks & Caicos
Dominica Haiti    

In Haiti, Unitransfer has one of the largest money transfer payment networks with more than 50 offices and 300 authorized agents. Beneficiaries have the option to receive their money in 3 convenient ways: pick up, home delivery and direct transfers to Unibank accounts.



1.      Money Transfer Service:  reliable, convenient and fast money transfer service to numerous destinations at competitive prices.  


2.     Food/ Item Transfer Service:  a home-delivery food and other items service to Haiti.  Senders can select from a wide assortment of high quality food and other items to be delivered to their relatives’ doorstep in short time frames throughout Haiti.


3.     International and Domestic Top Up Service: provide customers with the means of adding money to prepaid cell phone accounts.


4.  Pin-Less Long Distance Service:  a pin-less long distance service which enables customers to recharge their account to conduct international calls at competitive prices.


5.  Bill Payment Service: a bill payment solution that enables customers to pay their bills at any authorized location.



Become an Agent

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Unitransfer agent:

  • Opportunity to add a new stream of revenues to your business thanks to our competitive commission structure.

  • Increased customer loyalty and improved walk-in traffic to your business through a wide range of services (money transfer, bill payment, international top ups, pin-less long distance services, etc.).

  • Gain of new customers with services to multiple countries.

  • Complimentary promotional, marketing and advertisement support.

  • No start-up costs to launch our services.

  • And more...

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