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About Us

Welcome to Banque de l'Union Haïtienne

Haiti's first national private bank operational since July 26th 1973. In 1973 BUH had 430 shareholders. Today, this number has grown to over 2000 shareholders, making it one of the most wildly held companies in Haiti. Learn More..

BUH has grown its nationwide network to offer banking services to Haitians through its 12 branch locations, MasterCard Center, and Microfinance Center. A message from Marcel Fontin (President).


Products / Clients

Kredi Popilè offers three categories of loans :


  • Loans destined as cash flow : the purchase of goods for resale

  • Loans destined for production : the purchase of raw material

  • Loans destined for investments : the purchase of equipment

Kredi Popilè helps ameliorate the living conditions of thousands of Haitians working in the commercial or micro production domain by granting them micro credit services. The sub-sectors who benefit the most from the loans are:


  • Clothing, underwear and cosmetics vendors
  • Owners of soft drinks depots, food depots, pharmacies, construction warehouses
  • Artisans – carpenters and furniture makers, iron work laborers, tailors, cobblers
  • Bakeries
  • Manufacturers of juices in bags
  • Strolling restaurants
  • Small retailers in general

Members of these different sub-sectors have access of loans ranging from USD65.00 to USD13,500. They utilize the loans to increase or diversify their stock and if they are in the commercial sector, it's used either to buy equipment or strengthen their production capacity.



Saving Account
Interests are calculated and credited on a monthly basis on the lowest balance.


Time Deposit

> MIN 25,000 GDS

> MIN 1,000 USD

  • Rates guaranteed for a set length of time between 30 days to one year
  • Automatically renewable with or without interests capilalization.




Checking Account

> MIN 2,500 GDS

> MIN 500 USD

  • Your funds are available immediately upon clearing.
  • Your checks and statements are mailed directly to you or held on your behalf



BUH MasterCard Classic BUH MasterCard Gold
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BUH MasterCard Dotcom BUH MasterCard Ultima
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BUH MasterCard E-Statement

BUH MasterCard is proud to offer you its new service :

«Account Statement via Electronic Mail»


BUH MasterCard is proud to present you with it's line of creditcards.

Find out which one is best for you.
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In subscribing for the free electronic statement service, you will receive your account statement every month by e-mail, and will benefit from numerous advantages like quick access, efficient filing and easy viewing.

More about BUH MasterCard Center


Simply :
1 - Download Application (PDF format)
2 - Complete and Mail it to the specified address
The Credit Card Center of Banque de l’Union Haïtienne S.A., BUH MasterCard, initiated its operations in May 1997 and started its second year of operation in May 1998 with positive results. According to the statistics of the Caribbean region, this outstanding performance should have taken approximately 3 years. More...



24, rue Clearveaux, Petion-Ville

509 2813-1550

509 3730-6681

509 2813-1571

509 2299-8731

509 3724-8506

509 2813-0438

BUH Master Card

24, rue Clerveaux

509 2299-8731

509 2299-8737

509 2299-8739

Angle des rues Lamarre et Darguin (Plaza 41), Petion-Ville

509 2813-1578

509 3730-6681

509 3730-6593

49, aveue John Bown Ave (Lalue), Port-au-Prince

509 2813-1553

509 2813-1556

386, Autoroute de Delmas (Delmas 44), Delmas, Port-au-Prince

509 2813-1557

509 3730-4976

Parc Industriel Sonapi, Route de l'Aeroport, Port-au-Prince

509 3701-5536

509 2813-1549

Mon Repos 44, Cric Crac Plaza, Carrefour

509 3701-5526

509 2813-1570

Rues 11-12 B-D, Cap-Haitien

509 2813-1548

509 2813-1575

45, Nicolas Geffrard (en Face EDH), Cayes

509 3701-2890

509 3730-6627

509 2813-1552

Angle Rues St Jean et Egalité, Gonaives

509 3701-5529

509 2813-1554

79, Rues Espagnole

509 3701-5537

509 2813-1580

Address 24, rue Clerveaux, Petion-Ville
Phone 509 2813-1547,509 2813-1576,509 3730-6593