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Phifa is the #1 Auto parts wholesaler in Haiti. It is the distributor of Valvoline and other lubricants, Motorcyle parts

accessories, Freezetone, Water Pump, Support Moteur,

Seal Valve, Pitman Arm, Air Fresheners, Car Mats, Cleaning Products, Stabilizer link, Shock Absorbers, Serpentine Belt, Rotor Disc, Piston, Overhaul Gasket, Pneus, Head and tail lamps, Master Clutch, Oil Filter, Jack Hydrolique, Idler Arm, Clutch Facing, Clutch Disc, Brake Pads, Gas Filter, Hi-Tech Batterie, Bougie, Ball joint & Tie rod, Air Filters, Bearing Clutch, Starter Brush and much, much more. 


Phifa is a major wholesaler in Haiti of lubricants, auto parts, batteries, moto parts, motorcycles, and accessories. With sixteen (16) years of experience in the market, our clients: auto parts, oil retailers, gas stations, street sellers and industrials throughout the country refer to us as the best customer service available while maintaining the best competitive price on our products.

Our staff of eighty (80) employees is constantly working on gaining market shares by finding new products that suits the customer’s demand, obtaining customers and employee’s feedback to enhance the quality of the existing products, and improving our customer service. Our reputation is based on our competiveness; our constant search for improvement, our social implication in the community, and the quality of our products and service. Phifa’s ultimate goal is to exceed the client’s expectations.

We have faith in the quality of our brands and the ones that we represent but we always strive to find the best possible price enabling our resellers to have  a good profit margin. We believe customer satisfaction cannot be obtained without having our products constantly available. Our total of 20,000 square meters of storage space guarantees procurement throughout the year.

While we ensure to our clients the availability and quality of our products, we also make sure they receive them  within 24 hours of their order, wherever they’re located in the Haitian territory and free at charge thanks to our fleet of seven (7) trucks and twelve (12) contractors.

Address 399, boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3733-5516,,