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We offer a wide lineup of products covering almost every automobile-related field, including drivetrain, body, brake & chassis, engine and information related products. Because our philosophy is "Quality First," we manage to provide our custumers genuine Toyota auto parts.

Who We Are

Okayotoparts is a local corporation established in Haiti since 2006. We specialize in providing our customers genuine parts for their Toyota.


Our History

We made our debut as small individual company . At that time, our store was located in port-au-prince down town. In 2015 our status has changed from individual company to a coorporation.
We have moved to a bigger place and are now located in tabarre 37. We are always improving beacause our vision is to better meet the needs of our customers .

Address 12, Tabarre 37, Blvd 15 Octobre, Tabarre
Phone 509 3109-0909,509 2226-9393,509 2226-9394