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Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM

This is a very nice shop offering local Haitian art in a variety of different mediums. It is located on Rue Goulard close to Place Boyer in Petionville. The shop is run by the renowned anthropologist Ira Lowenthal and his partner Ruth Goldman who are most welcoming and helpful. The house is an explosion of colour as soon as you enter the front garden and into the shop itself. Here you will find local artistry such as stone carvings, jewelry, metal art, paintings, beautifully sequinned and beaded Voodoo flags, and much more. Ruth and the staff will give you information about the artworks and the artists themselves. If they do not know something they will enquire about it upon request. If you stop in on a Thursday you may meet some of the artists themselves as this is the day they usually stop in to check on sales. This house and home that is also a shop is a must see if you are in Port au Prince. Just drive down Rue Goulard from Place Boyer and look for the blue house on the right side of the street. The shop has a metal sign out front of cupped hands holding a globe on which is the shop's name, MEN NOU.

Address 30, rue Goulard (Place Boyer), Petion-Ville
Phone 509 2256-5144,509 3490-3367,(305) 432-9662