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Phelicia Dell - VèVè Collections on Deco Drive (Channel 7 Miami   Ft Lauderdale - Fox Network)

The Brand

The “VèVè Collections” brand represents a synthesis of magic and logic that stands for originality, authenticity, value and a truly inspirational distinctive fashion style. The revolutionary designs, the coupling of fabrics with beadings, sequins, the finishing and stitching make each piece a work of art. Each handbag has a sewn in label that indicates you have purchased an authentic “VèVè Collections” piece handcrated in Haiti.

“VèVè Collections” is a lifeline for many workers who depend on our product to support their families. Ater the devastating earthquake in Haiti our production facility and showroom were destroyed. Purchasing a piece from “VèVè Collection” means contributing to job creation for Haitian artisans, women empowerment and consequently the rebuilding of Haiti.

Miami Fashion Week Spring 2010 Phelicia Dell - VèVè Collections Runway Show (PART l)

The Designer

Award winning designer Phelicia Dell worked in interior design for the most affluent clientele in the Caribbean, using unusual fabrics and marriage of colors to make powerful statements. By 2005 she created a collection of cocktail dresses when she was inspired to appliqué VeVe Symbols in the patterns. The collection sparked so much interest Phelicia was encouraged to make handbags to match, integrating VeVe Symbols to create unique hand crafted bags.

Founder of Association Culturelle Defile, Fete de la Femme Talent Show, Benito’s Décor, Co-founder of Creations Defile, member of Femme en Democratie (Women in Democracy) and Vital Voices, Phelicia blossomed into a strong entrepreneur. Focusing on target marketing and sources for raw material, Phelicia was entering a new industry ready to brand the VeVe Collections name.

In October of 2008, she participated in Vital Voices of the Americas Women’s Leadership Summit in Argentina. A few weeks later, She had the opportunity to enter Diane von Furstenberg’s “Global Handbag Design Competition.” Collaborating with Vital Voices, the DVF competition solicited designs from women artisans in Haiti, Guatemala, Nigeria and Cambodia. Phelicia Dell won the competition. In 2009, Diane von Furstenberg featured Phelicia’s winning handbags online and in DVF stores around the globe marking International Women’s Day.

In 2010, the Chrysler brand partnered with Phelicia Dell for a Haiti fundraiser affording her the highest platform ever to a Haitian born designer. Now a growing business, the award winning VeVe Collections can be found in top stores of the United States and abroad. VeVe Collections now offers VeVe Kids, VeVe Pooch Carrier and VeVe Flats.


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