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About Paula | Coles Haiti

Great endeavors are always born out of great need. Paula Coles, founded Paula | Coles, Haiti as a mission to provide education and a promise of a brighter future for thousands of underprivileged children in Haiti while caring for our planet, using 100% of recycled fabric scraps from t-shirts manufacturing factories in Haiti.

Each and every one of our products is a unique work of art, a canvas of culture and creativity crafted with 100% recycled fabric scraps by native Haitians. We’ve also incorporated Haitian mystical icons, such as the snake, a revered creature symbolizing eternity, rejuvenation and the spirit of rebirth – the very spirit of Haiti.

Each Paula | Coles, Haiti product is a promise. A promise to care. A promise to make each day a little brighter. This is why with each Paula | Coles, Haiti product purchased you directly pay for ONE of the annual tuition fees for one child. Depending on the item you are purchasing, as each bag is associated specifically to one of the following tuition fees: classes, uniforms (mandatory), books, school supplies and computer classes; each of these cost a specific value determined by the non profit organization we work with, PRODEV, an NGO who strives to offer the best, most innovative education in Haiti.



  • OFFICE - 3301 NE 1st Av PH17 Miami, FL 33137
  • PRODUCTION and SHOWROOM - Parc Industriel Sonapi #37, Blvd. Toussaint Loverture, Port-au-Prince

Address Parc Industriel Sonapi, #37 Showroom et Production Port-au-Prince
Phone 1 (305) 223-0063,,