Category: . Website: . P No: . P No: . P No: . Location: United States of America , Port-au-Prince , View: 5811 Handmade Jewelry by Marie Valerie Placide. One-of-a-Kind pieces for a twist of Exotism and Sophistication to your ouftit!
Description Handmade Jewelry by Marie Valerie Placide. Currently based in New York, MVP is a survivor of the Haiti Earthquake of 2010, promoting Haiti's art and culture through "artisanat"! Her career has taken many paths progressing from an Intellectual Property Secretary at Cabinet Salès to the Developing Project (Cooperative d’Artisanat des Femmes de Fonds-des-Blancs) Director for Haiti Projects, Inc., in Fonds-des-Blancs, Haiti, resulting in directing a sewing cooperative with over 50 women. Because of her passion with her work, she assumed the leadership role with the project managing the team, working closely with the artisanal Industry. Her broad based experience has allowed her to open her own business in New York soon after moving to the USA after the earthquake of 2010. She now takes pride in handcrafting sophisticated pieces for her customers, friends and family. Her hope is that one day women in Haiti will be able to sustain their own needs and provide for their families.


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