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It is really simple! Nader Haitian Art is a proud family member of the venerable Galerie d'Art Nader of Haiti, and Nader has always been a leading name you can trust when it comes to your Haitian Art acquisitions and much more. Welcome to the magical world of, your one-stop secure online art gallery & auctions for your nicest and finest selection of :
. Original Haitian & Caribbean Painting.
. Giclées by Haitian Artists
. Haitian Art books and more.
. Postcards of Haiti
. Haitian Art Posters
. Haitian Handicrafts
. Haitian Art Appraisals
. Fine Auctions & Art Shows including other services,
owned and operated by me, Myriam Nader-Salomon, the daughter of the famous Haitian art dealer and promoter Georges S. Nader, the founder of Galeries d'Art Nader and Musée d'art Nader in Haiti!

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We do take pride in the quality, the originality and the competitive pricing of all of our art works and services without forgetting our friendly and fast customer service because we highly value our customers' satisfaction.
At, you can shop with confidence knowing that you can expect reliability and the highest security on all of your personal information. Our commitment to originality and competitive pricing is genuine.
"Once upon a time in Haiti, in the mid-1940s, popular artists were recognized for their imaginative and exuberant creations. And, since then the diversity of Haiti artistic expression has bloomed around the world. Haitian art is unique in the expression of its particular culture, a mix of elements from Africa, Europe, and indigenous Indian populations. It is vibrant, colorful and joyful."
And now, let the magic begin at, your favorite online art gallery for your selection of Fine Haitian Art, books, appraisals and much more!
It is so easy, convenient, friendly and most of all trustworthy.
And guess what? We also speak Spanish, French and Creole to better assist you. Yes, we do!!!
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Myriam F Nader-Salomon, 845-367-3039
About Us
Buy From The Best! A Leader in Haitian Art Worldwide specializing in Fine Haitian Art, Books and Appraisals.
Nader Haitian Art is a secure online art gallery specializing in original paintings of Haiti, owned and operated by Myriam Nader-Salomon, business owner and social entrepreneur, who has been dealing with Haitian Art for over 20 years.
"Our goal is to honestly guide you in your selection of both fine Haitian art and Caribbean art, and making sure to provide you the best expertise you deserve for your Haitian Art appraisals. Nader Haitian Art is committed to offering you competitive pricing without jeopardizing quality and originality of its art works and services."
Myriam Nader-Salomon is the daughter of the famous Haitian art dealer and art promoter, Georges S. Nader, founder of the internationally renowned Galeries d’Art Nader (Nader’s art Galleries) and Musée d’art Nader (Nader’s Art Museum) in Haiti since 1966. Myriam assisted her father in managing both art galleries downtown and in Desprez, and also worked closely with Mr. Gérald Alexis who was at that time the museologist and art critic for Musée d’art Nader.
In 2003, Myriam Nader-Salomon opened Galerie d Art Nader, LLC in Coral Gables, Florida with her siblings, George G. Nader, Jr. and John G. Nader. Today, she is settled in NY where she runs and operates her virtual store,, organizes Haitian art shows and silent auction sales all around the US, mainly in New York State.
Since 1999, Myriam F. Nader-Salomon has been participating in many cultural activities nationally to promote Haitian art and culture. She is a strong believer in the rich culture of Haiti and has always valued the uniqueness and beauty of Haitian art. Today, she is more than ever dedicated to bringing you the best of Haiti and its fine art and much more through her site.
Our contact information:
Myriam Nader-Salomon,
Online Art Gallery
P.O. Box 840
Haverstraw, NY 10927
Tel: 845-367-3039
Fax: 845-271-4302
We speak English, Spanish, French and Creole to better serve you.
Shipping Information:
Nader Haitian Art will fill your order once full payment is received. We take pride in packing well and shipping the fastest way possible while giving you the selection of your own shipping method. The art works may be shipped rolled or with their canvases whichever our valued buyers prefer. An estimate for the packing and the shipping will also be provided. The estimated delivery time is based on the shipping service selected, and the payment method selected.
Methods of Payment:
We accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks and money orders. We do welcome orders by phone for your convenience. We also offer lay-a-way plans on your purchases of art works should that help you better. Please don't hesitate to call us at 845-367-3039 or email us at for further details.
Refunds, Returns and Cancellation Policies:
Nader Haitian Art guarantees the quality and originality of its art works and services therefore no refunds or returns are accepted. Only exchanges are accepted no later than 30 days. Please review your shopping basket well before purchasing.
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We are here to answer any questions that our valued customers are likely to have, so please don't hesitate to call us at 845-367-3039 or
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