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Fine selection of Haitian art

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About Expressions Art Gallery

Expressions Art Gallery is one of Haiti's most vibrant and attractive art galleries. It features an extensive collection including original art paintings from internationally well known Haitian masters to young emerging talented painters, to suit the taste of the most discriminating and the pocket of the most careful.

Expressions art Gallery has burst upon the local art scene 14 years ago with the finest most exciting collection of contemporary haitian art. The gallery relocated few years ago to spacious new surroundings down the hill of Montagne Noire in Petion-Ville

This business page will give you the chance to embark on a visual , cultural journey around this sunny island and also will take you to a virtual tour in this exquisite world of color.
The beauty, lifestyle, culture, architecture and landscape of the region come to life in the extravagant range of art pieces on show.
During the year, number of individual and group exhibitions are held in the gallery and are open to the public. The gallery is also an active sponsor of the arts and upcoming artists.

Meet the Owner

 In July 1991, a young local couple, Habib and Khatia Jiha, decided to combine their love of art with the facts of business by opening ” Expressions art Gallery” in Petion-ville Haiti. Two months later, the country suffered a terrible coup d’etat, and the international community imposed a two years embargo on Haiti. Besides all the turmoil and problems caused by the political situation, they managed through hard work and faith, to become over the years, one of Haiti’s most trusted and renowned source for Haitian art.

They promote the Art of Haiti, by participating actively in many art exhibits in the world.

Born and raised in Haiti, they adopted this country as their own, as they learn to love it and appreciate its rich culture. The couple confess that the most enjoyable aspects of their gallery experience is helping international visitors as well as Haitians, discover Haitian art while many of them are amazed and still wondering how Haiti shelters such a hidden treasure.

Past Exhibits


We do charge a fee for appraisals. It will be based on the current value of the painting.

You have to provide us with a good picture of the painting you want to be appraised, and after deliberation of our art critics, we will give you a certificate signed and sealed by the gallery , attesting that the painting is authentic and stating its current market value.

If the painting appraised turns out to be fake, you will be charged a flat fee, for consultation , and receive no official paper from the gallery.

N.B: We don't charge any fee for the paintings bought from our site or directly from the Gallery in Haiti. We will gladly provide our customers a certificate of authenticity at their request.


Address 55, rue Metellus, Petion-Ville
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