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Wedding party, Evening dresses (designer and custom), accessories and so much more!!! Designer suits for men custom ordered!!

“SPECIAL MOMENTS presents a wide variety of designs, from bridal wear, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, evening gowns, to special occassion dresses. Each are made with its own unique style to show the glamour and elegance that you will need on your special day.” Hard to fit or on a budget? We have dresses from petite to plus size, size 0 to 32, and we have many inexpensive dresses for under $100.  Once you’ve found the perfect dress, finish your perfect dress with the right Accessories or choose an evening bag. Get the perfect look from head to toe. Alterations and custom orders are also welcome!
Address 34, Rue Faubert, Petion-Vile
Phone 509 2227-2090,509 3701-9111,