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Beloptik a division of Labovision S.A. is a Medical, Optician Eye Clinic in Haiti. An expert specializing in Eye Exam, Contact Lenses, Selling and Repair of Glasses & Watches.


-Angle rue Clerveaux et Chavannes, Petion-Ville
-25, rue Capois (Champ de Mars), Port-au-Prince

-173, route de Delmas, entre Delmas 18 et 19, Port-au-Prince



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BelOptik 2014.

Georges Hudicourt

Labovision S.A. / Beloptik

Georges Hudicourt’s father was an ophthalmologist, and so after graduating in business and spending his first few years exploring shipping and logistics, it was perhaps natural that he should look around the eye-related area for some business opportunities.

And he found them. He moved into lens manufacturing and supply and built a solid business with a number of high-end sales outlets dotted around Port au Prince – where he cleverly supplemented the main revenue stream with luxury products such as jewellery and perfumes.

The business was a roaring success and became the market leader. But after more than 20 years Hudicourt was restless and eager for new opportunities. So when he was approached by a young eye doctor looking for ways to sell glasses more cheaply to less-well-off customers outside the capital, he was intrigued.

Hudicourt rose to the challenge and in 2012 Labovision was born, with a new business model which involves manufacturing the lenses and distributing them through a network of eye doctors around the country. That network accounts for 70 percent of turnover, and two high-end outlets in Port au Prince , selling under the Beloptik label, provide the other 30 percent.

With a staff of 18, Labovision already is the first local producer of prescription lenses in terms of the volume already delivered. It has some 40 percent of the market with a fifteenth percent growth in sales in sight, Hudicourt says, over the next three years or so.

Digice Entrepreneur de l'Année 2015 - LABOVISION

Address Angle rues Clerveaux et Chavannes, Petion-Ville
Phone 509 2811-0555,,