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Health Management Organization (HMO)


MULTIMED is a chain of out-patient clinics. Hospital confinement and services are provided by the French Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Our two MULTIMED outpatient Clinics are located:

MULTIMED 1: Hopital Francais d'Haiti, 386 Rue du Centre, Port-au-Prince;

MULTIMED 2: Unimed Building, Delmas 32, Delmas.

More MULTIMED outpatient Clinics will be opened as the needs grow.



The MULTIMED outpatient Clinics service two fundamental needs of our organization:


  1. Screening of Life Insurance Applicants. Our MULTIMED outpatient Clinics screen the Life Insurance Applicant of our two Life Companies (CAH: Insurance Company of Haiti and MAVSA: Multi-Assurances (Vie) S.A.)
  2. Servicing the needs of CAH, the Insurance Company in our Group which now offers an HMO Plan, ASSURMEDIC. The HMO structure allows CAH to offer its insured:
    1. A greater medical coverage at lower cost;
    2. Prepaid medical services and products without the awesome task of filling numerous forms for reimbursement (small cash deductibles apply to every service and hospitalization).
    3. Good tracking of the medical services rendered to each patient and a controlled quality of the medical services provided

Just as Managed Care has replaced over 70% of the Major Medical Insurance Plans in the USA today, we believe the ASSURMEDIC PLAN supported by MULTIMED, is the Group Medical product of the future in our market.

Address Unimed Building, Delmas 32, Delmas, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2233-0702,509 2233-0704,