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Fly Home. Feel Better.


Jerry Degraff
Respiratory Care Services/Life Support/Air Ambulances
Haiti | Hospital & Health Care

Current: Reva Air Ambulance Haïti Agent, Pulmomed

Previous: University of Illinois Medical Center Chicago



Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal Critical Care Respiratory Therapist


Worldwide Air Ambulance Services
Reva Air Ambulance Haïti Agent
January 2001 – Present (13 years 3 months)

Respiratory Care/Life Support
December 1995 – Present (18 years 4 months)
General Respiratory Care services and Life Support services.

Respiratory Therapist
University of Illinois Medical Center Chicago
May 1994 – June 1995 (1 year 2 months)

Critical Care therapist
US Navy 1985-1994


Fly Home.

Feel Better.

You’re in a foreign land, maybe you don’t speak the native language, you’re far from home and a medical emergency strikes. You need a trusted advocate to make sure you get home so you can get better. Say hello to REVA.

One of the leading providers of Air Ambulances and Medical Flights

Aero Jet International, Air Ambulance Professionals and American Care Air Ambulance have merged to form REVA, a leading, dedicated, fixed-wing air medical transport, air ambulance and medevac operation in the Western Hemisphere. With our extensive experience, REVA is positioned to lead the industry in delivering top-tier medical transportation services for ill or injured patients anywhere in the world

Reva Air Ambulance - The nations largest provider of Air Ambulances and Medical Flights from Mark Figueredo on Vimeo.

Why Use Our Air Ambulance Service

Unmatched Experience
REVA's air ambulance team is comprised of experienced air ambulance specialists who have completed over 20,000 flights in 39 countries.
Rigorous Training
We hold our air ambulance teams to a higher standard than the industry requires so our patients travel with highly competent, extensively trained medical teams who are passionate about patients care.
REVA Facilities and Equipment
REVA's fleet includes ten aircraft including nine Learjets. These fixed-winged, medically equipped aircraft that are capable of short range, as well as long-range, international flights.
Global Capabilities
With 290 employees and offices in Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, San Juan, Spokane and San Diego, REVA is the one of the leading dedicated fixed wing air medical transport service in the Americas.


Formed from three of the industry’s most experienced companies, Aero Jet International, Air Ambulance Professionals and American Care Air Ambulance, REVA is positioned to lead with the most experienced team in the medical transport industry.

With over 290 employees and offices in Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, San Juan, Spokane and San Diego, REVA is one of the leading dedicated fixed wing air medical transport service in the Americas. We have over 20,000 combined successful missions (patient transports world-wide).

REVA operates fixed wing, medically equipped jets used to transport ill or injured patients anywhere in the world. REVA works with insurance and travel assistance companies, as well as intrepid travelers and their families with the sole mission of getting patients home so they can get better.

Fly home. Feel better.

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From marooned hikers to critically ill patients, we provide medical transportation service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, anywhere in the world. When patients need care that cannot be provided during normal travel or in the region they are currently in, they call REVA.

We transport patients under the guidance of our qualified medical crew consisting of Registered Flight Nurses, Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists, and Physicians on aircraft equipped for medical transport. Our fleet of fixed wing aircraft are approved by the FAA for medical emergency flights with life support equipment onboard.

Our communications staff and medical crews continually update patients and family members on transport status and are available to answer any questions the patient or family may have. We have gained the trust of hospitals worldwide and our support is available 24 hours a day.

From short to long-range transports, our air ambulance services capabilities are supported by our 24-hour Communications Center that specializes in assisting our customers and patients in all aspects to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable transfer of the patient.



Our medical staff and flight crew leave nothing to chance. Our mandatory training regimen means every patient we transport receives top-notch care with the latest medical techniques and equipment available.

All ICU/CCU Critical Care Registered Nurses, First Responder Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists and Critical Care/Emergency Physicians are required to have a minimum of:

  • 3-5 years of ER/ICU experience
  • Active State License
  • Air Crew Core Medical Curriculum (State of Florida requirement)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  • Advanced Airway Management Class
  • Advanced Trauma Physiology Course

Additional Specialties Available with us:

  • Pediatric and Neonatal Specialty Teams
  • A Perfusionist for Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Dependent Patients

In addition, our medical crew receives ongoing education including periodic human patient simulator (HPS) training, which enhances the critical care and Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills they use in flight. We are dedicated to having the most qualified and medically ready aeromedical transport team in the industry.

Flight Crews

Thousands of Flight Hours

Every REVA pilot has thousands of hours of flight experience and is an air ambulance veteran. Pilots go through extensive training on an annual basis and receive ongoing training every six months. Prior to every medical flight, pilots participate in a risk assessment analysis in order to be prepared for any potential challenges that may arise. Just like the Scouts say – always be prepared. We are accident free and have a spotless safety record.

All pilots are skilled in assisting air medical crews, they exceed FAA Part 135 training requirements, and each pilot in command holds an Airline Transport License. Our Lear Jet Captains have logged at least 5000 flight hours and our turboprop Captains have at least 2000 multi-engine flight hours. In addition the flight crews have initial and recurrent training through professional pilot training program.



REVA’s fleet is comprised of 10 aircraft including 7 learjets. These fixed-winged, medically equipped aircraft are capable of short range, as well as long-range and international flights.

Each plane is custom configured to transport both emergency and non-emergency patients.

Air ambulance service comes into consideration when distance, speed and patient condition are beyond the capabilities of a ground ambulance. Our aircraft are configured and staffed to resemble a self-contained critical care unit.

The Learjet 35 is the leading aircraft in the air medical transport arena and is renowned for its safety and performance. REVA holds a $100 million umbrella casualty insurance coverage for its customers.




We take the business of air medical transportation very seriously. Every aircraft is accredited by EURAMI (industry governing body) as exceeding the standard level of safety in our industry for professional medical transport.

That means you and your loved one will fly on meticulously maintained aircraft that is continually evaluated, upgraded and inspected for safety compliance.

The safety of patients during air medical transportation, as well as our flight crew, is paramount and we will always take every step necessary to ensure the safety of both.


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