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Air Ambulance & Emergency Charter

The 1st licensed Air Ambulance Operator in Florida Since 1976

A Commitment to Air Medical Excellence

An urgent call is received in the middle of the night from the U.S. Coast Guard requesting assistance with the rescue of a critically injured passenger aboard a sailboat in a remote Caribbean port. These calls may be commonplace today, however over 35 years ago it was one of National's first medevac flights. Soon thereafter National helped to formulate what are now Florida's Air Ambulance Regulations and in 1976 received the State's 1st Air Ambulance License.

Today, National Air Ambulance is still owned by the same family with the support of its parent corporation, National Jets Inc., whose roots in aviation date back to the 1940's. National routinely flies within South, Central, North American and the Caribbean with their base of operations located on Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Medevac flight experience is second to none with over 34 years operating air ambulance flights. National's commitment to excellence in patient care makes them the carrier of choice for Individuals, Travel Insurance Assistance Companies, Prominent Specialty Hospitals, Cruise Lines, and Government Agencies.

Each transport begins with Flight Specialists answering inquiries and arranging for medevacs 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You will never reach an answering service, National is not a broker; they are the actual air ambulance operator. Once a flight is confirmed by you, National's Medical Director conducts a medical consultation / triage with the patient's treating physician to assess the patient's condition and determine the configuration of the medical team and equipment to be utilized.

National Jets Medical Flight Services

National's medical flight services include complete beside to bedside care.The National Air Ambulance medical team arrives at the patient's bedside: assesses the patient; institutesmeasuresto stabilize the patient’s condition for safe aeromedicaltransport; provides continuous monitoring throughout the transport; and finalizes the transport by accompanying the patient to the receiving facility, providing them with a complete report of the patient’s condition. National arranges every detail of the transport including the ground ambulances to and from the airports, assistance in admitting the patient into a receiving hospital, customs and flight clearances, and coordinating with family members throughout the transport.

At 40,000 feet the Medical Flight Crews make the difference and is why National uses Board-Certified Physicians, Critical Care/ER Flight Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and First Response Paramedics, all who are Critical Care Transport and Aero-physiology trained.

National Air Ambulance takes their commitment to Critical Care Transport above and beyond many other air ambulances on the market today. Their commitment is evident in the provision of state of art equipment to assist their teams in providing critical and advanced treatments during the transport.

This commitment starts with the successful accomplishment of obtaining their own Moderately Complex CLIA license.This license is unique for a privately owned air ambulance and allows more advanced evaluation utilizing theAbbott i-STAT POC device. The Abbott i-STAT POC is a device developed to test blood values critical in the evaluation of the patient’s needs. This allows the team to evaluate based on a “real-time snapshot” of their medical condition.

Another facet of National’s commitment is the addition of features to our monitoring capabilities. Critical patients requiring invasive line monitoring are safely transported with the ability to monitor these critical parameters seen in most ICU’s:

• Arterial line measurements
• Central line monitoring
• Intracerebral pressure monitoring
• Core temperature continuous monitoring

Another addition to the inventory is the purchase of the Revel CCT Ventilator by Care Fusion. With this new ventilator, which happens to be the latest available technology in respiratory care on the market, we are able to not only maintain, but also protect the patient’s respiratory system. This new ventilator contains features of customizable modes designed for adaptation to patient requirements which maximizes protection for the patient.

To complete this commitment is the availability of medications and intravenous fluid pumps utilized in hospital Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units.

The right aircraft when time matters could not be more important

National owns its fleet of 4 long-range Learjet 35A's, which allow for direct and expedient low-stress transfers. National uses their own aircraft, Captains and First Officers, and Part 135 FAA Air Carrier Certificate (Lic # JKIA235F). They do not rely on third party aircraft operators to conduct their flights.

Being self-sufficient allows National to always know their availability and can quickly react to an urgent medevac flight. Our fleet is maintained at National's owned and operated FAA licensed maintenance facility located at their base on Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. All aircraft are ALS equipped for critical and trauma care transports and can accommodate the patient plus one to two family members.

Being safe and secure is part of National's award winning air ambulance service. National was awarded AAMS Safety Award for over 5,000 consecutive transports without incident. Not only is National licensed by the F.A.A., DOT, US Treasury Department, HRS and the State of Florida, but flights are also safety certified and audited by ARG/US, are "Gold" safety-rated, and is fully accredited “special care” by EURAMI. National carries $100 million in Aircraft Liability and $3 Million in Professional Medical Malpractice Insurance.


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