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  • 564, Autoroute de Delmas (angle Delmas 68), Petion-Ville

509 2942- 2941

  • 39, Boulevard du 15 Octobre, Tabarre

509 2942- 2940

  • Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture,

509 2942- 2942

About Us...

Founded in 1974, we have built our solid reputation on the reliability of our fleet and the excellence of our customer service. As pioneers of the car rental business in Haiti, we have maintained our high standards and continuously responded to the varied needs of our diverse clientele. Our beginnings grew from two sedans and a 4x4 pick-up truck to over 100 vehicles, and we recently tripled our operational surface and modernized our garage with up-to-date equipment. Our technical personnel, trained in Haiti and Canada, is dedicated to assuring your safety and comfort.

Owned and operated by the Roy family, Secom has met the challenges of a dynamic, competitive environment by focusing on personalized service as the key to customer satisfaction.

Our company's personal commitment to service naturally extends itself into community involvement as well and we offer internships, participate in a national sponsorship fund (Fond de Parrainage National) and contribute to a local hospital (Hopital de la Communaute Haitienne).

Today, Secom continues to expand and our web site is an effort to better accommodate our local and international clientele. Just a click away, discover a variety of services, custom built to suit your needs, such as on-line vehicle reservations, previously owned vehicle sales, and parts sales.

We thank you for your time and encourage you to contact us for reservations and further inquires. We welcome your feedback.
At Secom, we have the drive to get you where you want to go…and with over 25 years of experience, we are riding on our record!


At Secom, our mission is to satisfy the rental car needs of our clientele. The key element that separates us from the competition is our personalized customer service. We are continuously striving to exceed the expectations of our clients with the quality of our service.


Secom offers a varied range of FREE services, which will help you maximize productivity during your work hours.

ff Punctual delivery of clean vehicles, with a full tank of gas at our offices or at the location of your choice.
ff Pick up of vehicle on demand.
ff Secom has a booth at the airport to deliver vehicles to your colleagues or family members; it is our pleasure to greet your guests and give them all the assistance necessary to get them on the road as quickly as possible.
ff We will drive you home at the termination of a contract, be it to the airport from our Petion-Ville headquarters (or site) or from the airport to your home (or destination of choice).
ff Free tire repair and delivery services in the metropolitan area.
ff In order to insure you security and comfort, each vehicle is verified by the garage, without exception, upon its return to Secom.
ff A rigorous maintenance schedule is applied to each vehicle, however, in case of a breakdown, we guarantee the fastest roadside assistance available - 7 days a week from 7:00am to 6:00pm.
ff All long-term contracts include a replacement vehicle during the vehicles regular service appointment.
ff Drive by our office in Petion-Ville for an exterior-interior wash of your Secom Rental Car.

To Better Serve You, we also offer
ff A "Chauffeur" service with hand picked drivers in Secom vehicles.
ff For your convenience, we have our own gas station at our Petion-Ville office.

Previously Owned Vehicle Sales
ff If you are interested in reliable Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyundai previously owned vehicles, no more than three years old and in top condition, please contact us. We offer an excellent quality/cost ratio and the possibility of financing through UNICREDIT and private insurance.


At Secom, we always go the extra mile to serve you; if you have any particular needs, please do not hesitate to contact us online, by phone or by fax.


Address 564, Autoroute de Delmas (angle Delmas 68), Petion-Ville
Phone 509 2942-2941,509 2942-2942,509 2942-2940
Fax 509 2257-1913