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Economisez vos dollars avec Dollar Rent-a-Car !







Dollar Rent-a-Car has been active on the Haitian market for more than 15 years, as a member of a strong international network that built and confirmed its reputation over some forty years. Our company rapidly positioned itself among the top three car-rental companies in Haïti.


«To work unceasingly towards improving our market share, through a Policy of striving for excellence, and constantly challenging our own procedures, while basing our corporate culture on Results, Innovation, Integrity and Efficiency».

We work relentlessly towards maintaining our leadership position on the Haitian market, and continuing to be perceived as the most innovative, courteous, highest quality and customer-friendly car-rental company in the country. Our reputation of competitive supplier of customer-tailored vehicle rental services and solutions, that meet the needs of a large and diversified national and international client base, speaks for itself.


Our car-rental Department is managed by a well trained staff whose only goal is to put their professional experience at our customers’ service, each time at improved level. Our Staff is attentive, perspicacious, and has a proven experience in the art of supplying quality services. We are well aware of the fact that today’s business world is highly competitive, and that customers are not to be taken for granted. Customers’ fidelity must be earned.

The top-of-the line services that we provide include, among other things:

1.     Basic or Total Insurance Coverage

2.     Courtesy pick-up and drop-off services

3.     Leases with purchase options

4.     Road assistance nationwide

5.     Nationwide car-towing services

6.     Free tire repair services

7.     Car maintenance services

8.     Driver services

9.     Preferential rates for car-rentals in Haïti and abroad.



Our company owns and operates its own fully equipped Repair Shop manned with qualified technicians, whose skills and competence is systematically refreshed. We make available to our customers a fleet recent of models of quality vehicles that are systematically reviewed, and that are subject to a strict preventive maintenance regime.

In addition to the high quality of our Human Resources, we are affiliated with an extended network of suppliers of spare parts. This networking is, for us and for our clients, a guaranty of the prompt availability of parts, thereby limiting repair time, while ensuring an excellent reliability of the maintenance and repair works performed on our cars.


At Dollar Rent-a-Car, we refuse to rest on our laurels, as we are more than ever aware that our success, above all, depends more than anything on our customers’ satisfaction. We understand that Customer Satisfaction means Customer Loyalty. Our objective is therefore to exceed our current and potential customers’ expectations.

We take strength in the new economic perspectives for the country. We are resolutely engaged in developing and implementing our ambitious Strategic Plan, a Plan that is still, and more than ever, geared towards full customer service, and customer satisfaction.

To better serve you, we are therefore:

1.     Enlarging our already substantial fleet of vehicles, in order to improve our service capacity, and to satisfy the increasing demand for vehicle rental services and solutions.

2.     Enlarging our Maintenance and Repair Shop, in order to service our increasing number of available vehicles, without jeopardizing the quality and rapidity of our Maintenance and Repair capacity.

3.     Strengthening and improving our operational standards.

4.     Adding new services to our existing range of offered solutions, in order to meet the demands and requirements the expanding market.

5.     Investing in our Client Satisfaction Evaluation Systems.

6.     Refreshing the training of our Customer Service Staff, at both our Sales, and After-Sales Departments’ levels, in order to continue meeting, and exceeding customer service expectations.

7.     Reinforcing our presence in the various cities of the country through the operation of Strategic Partnerships.

8.     Strengthening our Image and our Corporate Responsibility.

We are confident that these decisive actions, coupled with Governance Consolidation and sound Financial Management efforts, will soon make us the leader in the sector.


Address 26 Route de l Aeroport, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2813-1800,36 DOLLAR,+1 (786) 266-9236