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Hertz System Licensee

"We're going your way".

Dynamic Car Rentals S.A. was formed in 1986 as a Rent a Car Company. From the start DCR was licensed by Hertz International Limited, and as HERTZ licensee, DCR provides its Rent a Car services throughout the country with 4 Stations:








  • Our fleet with over 100 vehicles, is the largest and newest car rental fleet in the country.
  • All our vehicles are Air Conditioned.
  • About one half of them are utility 4 WD vehicles.
  • HERTZ-Haiti provides delivery services to the Hotels and Private homes of Port-au-prince metropolitan area. HERTZ-Haiti allows one-way rentals to and from Cap-Haitien for an additional charge.
  • In addition to our daily, and weekly rates, we offer special discounts on Monthly rentals.
  • For long-term 24 and 36 months periods, see our leasing company DAF (Dynamic Auto-Finance)


For more information, contact your local Travel Agent.
Or switch to our Hertz Caribbean Reservation page on the Web.

Address Dynamic Headquarters, Route de l Aeroport, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3779-0700,509 2816-0700,509 3776-0700