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Who We Are

We are experts in Haitian communication. Culture-oriented innovators, we create products, services, spaces and opportunities. We are the first Advertising Agency in Haiti, and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

With highly efficient and dedicated Project Managers, our network of specialized talents, visionaries, creatives and ethnic researchers both in house and worldwide has all you need to translate your Brand and Corporate Vision into quantifiable success, in a Global Haiti context.

Through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, we translate global visions into Haitian success. We empower business developments and social marketing through sustainable objective oriented advertising campaigns.

Through PubliGestion’s collective creativity, knowledge and commitment to the Haitian market, we make sure brands and visions get to destination.

What We Do

  • Market Study
  • Strategic Branding
  • Strategic Merchandising
  • Product Development
  • Advertising
  • Press – Public Relations
  • Creative Production
  • Design & Packaging
  • Promotion
  • Media Planning, Placement and Monitoring

How We Do

Everything we do must create value. PubliGestion is a full-service advertising agency empowering Brands and Visions. From the inception of an idea, to its delivery across local and virtual channels, we shape the very expression of our clients’ need and land it to destination. We create sustainable brand personalities. We shape collective mentalities. We prepare a better global tomorrow, and we have fun doing it.

Our collaborative approach with our clients and our global marketing expertise help translate commercial and social needs into branded success; Giving our clients the power to capture the Haitian market - locally, internationally and virtually.


Address 130, rue Louverture, Pétion-Ville
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