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Matrix Media is our Sister company that specializes in Advertising Placement and Media (radio) Monitoring in Haiti. In just a short time on the market we have built an impressive portfolio of clients, among some of the biggest advertisers in Haiti, for placement and monitoring services, such as Digicel, Acra Industries, Rika, Cassis Frères SA, Deka International, etc.

We have a dedicated team of individuals that maintain privileged relationships with the media. Matrix Media currently monitors 36 radio stations in the metropolitan area and is currently monitoring some provinces beginning with Cap Haitian in May 2013.


  • Because Matrix manages several portfolios, we are able to leverage not only the price, but also the placement time/slots
  • Matrix has media specialists who are in daily contact with the media outlets, which allows a continuous check / report of quality and accuracy
  • Matrix owns the most accurate databases of media contacts in Haiti, for private as well as community radios
  • Matrix ensures that the rates are just and time slots are well allocated


  • Matrix Media has revolutionized the way radio monitoring is done in Haiti. The success of the monitoring is pay per play. The clients only pay for actual and not per budget
  • Currently monitoring 36 radio stations in the capital 24/7, they have also expanded their services to TV stations in the capital this past year and now monitor 6 TV stations
  • In 2013 they hope to expand monitoring services to 2-5 cities outside the metropolitan area, depending on demand


  • As research should be the centerpiece of any business decision, Matrix allows a full proof approach to selecting, placing and monitoring media accounts
  • The joint know-how of Matrix and DAGMAR research in conducting in depth quarterly surveys of metropolitan radio and TV stations – reach, share and time spent listening - plus periodic spot checks on province stations, allows access to fresh market data and insight ensuring that the placement of the client is optimal



  • We started in 2009 and are the only reliable media monitoring provider in Haiti who offer digital monitoring
  • We also offer: A unique range of services – integrated media placement, monitoring and analysis. By providing expert advice and guidance we can ensure that the coverage we deliver is constantly relevant.
  • Our 24/7 operation means we deliver coverage as news breaks or to deadline.
  • We don’t rely on technology alone; our skilled and experienced people deliver unrivalled accuracy and reliability.
  • We continually research the media to ensure our service remains the most comprehensive.


How it works

  • Logger records 24/7 on all stations set up.
  • Requested media is uploaded into inspector bin.
  • Inspector searches the database.
  • Creates a log every time the clip is played.
  • Recorded audio can be accessed almost real time, as soon as five seconds after recording and as far back as the logs go, through Internet (‘mike-open’ or ‘commercials’).
  • Using streamed audio, it can access the archives within a second from any place in the world.
  • The unique timeline based navigator. Just drag the month, day, hour, minute or second line to the audio you want to hear, or use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Insert, categorize and jump to bookmarks allows for even easier navigation.
  • Export audio to individual files as MP3 and send by email or store.


Our service allows clients:

  • To improve strategic planning across communications and research and maximize message pick-up and campaign success.
  • Identify opportunities and enhance market intelligence. Services and skills to further support our clients communications activity.
  • Measure ROI of PR / Marketing activity and measure the message reach and evaluate campaign success
  • Build a Database of interviews, news in MP3 format
  • Track company’s and track competitor’s broadcast / changes in messaging and strategy Pay per Play
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