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about us

Our Mission

“Designing Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results”
We aim to be a leading agency enhancing our customers return on investment through our services. Our approach starts with collecting critical data and planning advertising with collected information as the driving force of the resulting marketing strategy.

We help our clients set targets and ensure their realization.

Our objective is to grow our clients' businesses and brands while growing our own company.

Our Vision
Redefining the concept of advertising in Haiti to be one, which studies and understands the market, sets goals, aims high and measures the return.

Our Values
Excellence through committed talent

our team

Our People

A team of young entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in a wide range of fields from market research, statistics, communications, graphics, desktop publishing, branding, public relations, event planning, human resources and career development.

Our diverse group is united by their proactive, innovative and responsible approach and professional competencies.

our services

Our business is dedicated to planning, handling and creating advertising for our clients. We are committed to providing our skills and views to best sell our clients’ service or product. We also manage branding, marketing, sales and public relations strategies for our clients.

Our team of professional researchers helps our clients create marketing metrics and monitoring systems and/or analyze their existing research data.

We boast superior expertise in media planning and buying, while providing a diverse mix of other essential services to enhance our clients’ marketing communications.

We offer diverse training opportunities for our clients, from a concise overview to a thorough workshop.We source any/all materials for our clients’ marketing needs. Together with our client, we formulate an advertising and marketing business plan as a road map tailored to their specific terrain. It is definitive enough to keep the communications on course and flexible enough to meet challenging circumstances while offering opportunities for growth and innovation.



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