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Store Locations:

  • 16, Boulevard 15 Octobre, Tabarre
  • 44, rue Clerveaux, Petion-Ville

We offer high quality products from Factories in Colombia and Argentina using Italian Equipment. Therefore Our clients are receiving European Quality at Unbeatable Prices! We all know the finish touches of your home are the most imporant ones, come to P & C Petion-Ville or Tabarre and finish your choices today!

P & C Ceramic Center was founded in September of 2008 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With 15 years of experience in the building process P & C decided to launch a modern retail store that was created after the closing of the well known CERAMIC EXPO CENTER or also known as HOC (HOME AND OFFICE CENTER). Our staff is experienced and can offer help in services such as Design and installation.

Our Values

Here at P & C Ceramic Center we value quality above all. We believe building a strong foundation of your home or project is just as important as the products you use to create the final product. We guarantee strong products at unbeatable price!

Residence and office furniture, ceramics and materials for ceramics laying, corrugated sheet, bricks, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, kitchens, paints.

Address 16, Blv 15 Octobre,Tabarre
Phone 509 2813-7073,509 2813-7074,509 3633-6574