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   MULTI-DOORS and WINDOWS has over 13 years of satisfactory service to its Customers.

INGENUITY, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION are the main resources of our company in
making its best products and helping to support outstandingly our customer satisfaction.

        MULTI - DOORS AND WINDOWS is an innovative leader in enhancing the appearance of homes
        and buildings.
        At MULTI - DOORS AND WINDOWS, we manufacture and install quality openings for new
        construction and contribute in uplifting the looks of old homes and buildings
        At MULTI - DOORS AND WINDOWS we offer to suit our client needs with an integrated security
        system to all doors and windows. 

Address 12, Rue des Nimes, Route de l Aeroport (next to Visa Lodge Hotel), Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3402-6509,509 3710-2151,509 3730-6066