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About us  

Imagine it and we’ll create it!!!

We are a leading decoration company engaged in providing Lighting, Special effects and Event planning services. The execution of these services is widely demanded for occasions such as Club Parties, Paint Parties, Foam Parties, Festivals, Concerts, Weddings, Conferences, Birthday Parties and many more. From private venues with a minimum capacity to bigger open spaces capable of holding thousands of people; we can create what your imagination desires. Whether it’s a seated event or a cocktail party, we are your one stop shop for your reception.By offering world class standardized services at competitive prices, we have acquired great experience in this field and are today one of the most reputed companies engaged in offering decorative services for all types of events and celebrations.

Our vision is to treat each client with the same dedication and enthusiasm by assisting them and presenting a final product that is more than what they expected. We are aware that each function is as important as the next one, and our goal is to ensure that it is successful in every possible way, leaving you with a happy smile.

Konfetti Decor's Story

Founded in 2005 by Angie Menuau and Gael Joseph KonfettiDecor’s main focus were hosting events and promoting club parties by designing flyers, promotional campaign and providing decorations mostly fabric and elements such as lanterns and balloons.

With a degree in Arts and Computer Graphics, Gael was able to pass on his knowledge to a trained staff, applying these techniques and developing better skills with time and experience. Whereas Angie would on her side, structure the company with her managerial and administrative competence and expertise.

Over the past 7 years, we have learned to understand every need and desire of our customers and drawing a clear view from there.

Our capable and efficient team of twelve technicians with their ability and effort make it possible to complete an undertaken task successfully. Their hard work and skills have allowed us in offering services adapted to the specific requirements of the client.

For bigger events or venues the regular crew coordinates with volunteers or additional staff and assists them all in the effort to make the event a successful one.

We also offer our clients easy payment methods such as cash, check, wire transfer or direct deposit as per their convenience.

Payment by credit card not yet accepted


We provide a wide variety of services covering all the basics for a successful event; as we work daily into improving them and mastering new technologies or techniques allowing us to favor our growth and covering most demands.

Our specialties:
• Light decoration services
o Stage Lighting
o Club Lighting
o Carnival Floats

• All Fabric Decoration Services
o Stretch Fabric
o Draping
o Backdrop

• Balloon Decoration
o Balloon Spiral Column
o Shape Balloon Design
o Helium Services

• Theme Decoration
o Carnival
o Valentine’s Day
o All white, Black parties
o Beach Parties
o Patriotic Events and more

• Wedding Decoration
o Flower Decorations , Linen Rentals, Centerpieces and more

• Kid’s Parties
o Bounce House
o Clown
o Snow Cones, Cotton Candy
o Face Painting

• Special Effects
o Fireworks
o Confetti
o Smoke Machine

Why Us

We, at KonfettiDecor treat each event with great importance and value. We understand that each occasion is unique and special to the client and do the impossible to meet the specific requirements and aspirations. Our company is well organized enabling us to work at more than one event at the same time.Factors that make us the preferred choice amongst our clients are:
• Great understanding of our clients’ necessities and a detailed overview of the resultsanticipated.• Strong networking and resource planning allowing us to provide suggestions or expertise on matters not necessarily related to the decoration.
• Meeting deadlines
• A team of professionals with great communication within the staff
• Competitive prices
• The end result is based on our personal satisfaction as well as the client’s, but not primarily on the budget.

Address 5, rue Progres, Delmas 31, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3464-4473,509 3470-3333,509 3783-3803