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METALTEC manufactures and distributes a line of steel doors, windows, gates, fences and general iron work under the Prometal brand. Achieving the difficult balance of COMBINING AESTHETIC, STURDINESS AND PROTECTION, these products offer a welcoming solution to the discriminating customer. Prometal products are SIMPLY THE BEST finished and most versatile steel doors and windows in Haiti.

Benefiting from the synergies of its horizontal integration, and in-house manufacturing facilities, METALTEC has positioned itself as one of the leading players in this sector.

As such, METALTEC is able to pass on cost savings to resellers and end- users, while delivering value and unmatched manufacturing and installation precision of its products.

In addition to its standard line, the company offers any custom variation of its models, colors, and complete custom-made options that appeal to a broad target market.


Address Locaux Acierie D Haïti Route Nationale No.1, Chancerelles, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2814-0000,509 2814-0001,509 2814-0002