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One of the fastest growing energy solution companies, based in South Florida, serving the United States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Renown for its site assessment team, well-engineered design and of course cost-effective solar solutions, GPL Solar caters to your residential, commercial, industrial and government projects wherever they may be.




Dream of Energy Independence

We can make it Happen!

It is here, where a culture of " Doing It Right The First Time " is captivating nearly a third of the customers who come to visit our site to buy our solar energy product or appliances or request info about our products.
GPL Solar LLC offers a comprehensive range of solar energy services bringing electricity to consumer, business and government customers. GPL Solar is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies to both national and international market.


star Grid-Tie Systems



A Grid-tie solar system is "Grid-connected" solar energy system that is designed to sell power back to the utility company. Since there are no batteries, they will only operate when utility power is available. These systems will offset your utility usage. With the correct size system, it will earn you a credit during the day that you would consume at night.


How it Works


Solar Panels - Solar panels collect molecules of sunshine, which are little packets of energy, and convert them into an electric current.

DC to AC Inverter - DC to AC inverters convert the DC current generated by a solar panel into AC current that can be used to power appliances in your home.

AC Loads - Once your solar panels have converted the Sun's light into an electric current and that current has been converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), it can then be used to power your lights and appliances.

Electric Meter - Your home solar power system can actually cause your electric meter to spin backwards as it feeds the electricity it generates into the main power grid and you earn credit on your electric bill.

Main Power Grid - Once electricity generated by your residential solar power system is directed onto the power grid, it can then be used by someone else and adds to the overall total of kilowatt hours produced by a clean and renewable energy source - the Sun!

Most people associate solar energy with remote installations and off-grid implementations. In those cases, the choice may be an easy one, but in towns and cities there are still reasons to turn to solar energy as a supplement and alternative to electrical utility grids.


Cost Benefits


The best reason is the reduction in utility bills. Once your system is working, it requires no monthly fees and little or no maintenance (and most parts are warranted). While it runs, it also reduces your electrical bills. Eventually it will pay for itself and keep saving you money. Large systems may even make you money by giving you perpetual credit with your local utility company.

Not only is your investment going to save you money and pay for itself, but solar installations frequently raise property value in both industrial and residential settings. Adding a solar energy system to your home or business will also supplement the investment you've made in your property.

Another great incentive - many states (and now the Federal government) offer rebates and incentives for implementing solar power systems. Our rebates section will help you find all the rebates for which you may qualify!

Finally, solar energy is a clean source of renewable energy. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels in a practical and effective way, and helps keep our environment clean.


Grid-Tie Systems w/ Battery Backup star


Grid-tie systems with battery backup feeds excess solar electricity to the grid and provides backup power when the utility grid is down. With this type of system you sacrifice some power generation efficiency in exchange for having power when there is a utility power failure. The amount of backup power you have depends on the size of the battery and electrical loads that draw on them.


star Off-Grid Systems


The stand-alone solar power is an Off-grid solar power thatgives people all over the world the electricity to power theirhomes. In rural America, off-grid solar makes it possible to buy undeveloped land (with no utility power) very cheaply, to build an affordable house, and live with all the comforts of city houses which are powered by the utility company.....without the electric bill!


Cost Benefits


When the utility company wants to charge an arm and a leg to pull electric lines out to your cabin or rural lot, off-grid power can save you tons of money.

If you want to move from a utility-connected home or a generator power, a GPL off grid solar system is the answer.

With off grid power you are your own electric company! When the sun shines you store excess electricity in batteries and draw it out later. An off-grid inverter can convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances.

This pre-engineered solar system includes a battery bank, solar panels, inverters and controller.

When you live off the grid, you will never have to pay an electric bill ever again. You become energy independent and eco-friendly.


Solar Hot Water Systems star


This GPL Solar hot water system collects the sun's energy and transfers it into your hot water tank, supplying most of your hot water needs, even in the winter. Solar collector panels containing a heat transfer fluid (a mixture of water and food-grade glycol) are installed on the roof at a favorable angle to the sun.


How it Works


Temperature sensors are installed on the collector panel and on the storage tank. When the temperature in the collector panel is 20 degrees higher than the temperature in the storage tank, the differential controller turns on the system pump(s) and circulates the water from the collector panel through a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the storage tank.

Water continues to circulate until the temperature of the water in the storage tank is within a few degrees of the collector temperature. Then the differential controller turns off the pump(s). As hot water from the storage tank is used, this cycle is repeated.

The main components of GPL Solar Hot Water system.


  1. Solar collector panel. Usually mounted on your roof, the collector captures the heat from the sun and transfers it to the liquid circulating through the panel.

  2. Solar storage tank. The solar storage tank is where the heat energy captured by the collector panel is stored for later use.

  3. Heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers the heat energy captured by the collector panel is transferred to the potable water that is stored in the solar storage tank. In our pressurized system, the heat exchanger is integral to the solar storage tank. In our drainback system, the heat exchanger is in the drainback tank.

  4. Control system. The control system consists of the differential controller and the circulating pump(s). The differential controller compares the temperature difference between the solar storage tank and the collector panel. When the collector panel temperature is 20 degrees higher than the storage tank temperature, the controller turns on the pump(s) and circulates the water through the system


Cost Benefits


4 Reasons to Invest in Solar Now

Money in Your Pocket

  • GPL Solar Hot Water Systems will pay themselves off in a few short years, saving you thousands of dollars. Pay your utility or put money in your own pocket from day one.


  • GPL Solar Hot Water Systems are designed to make solar affordable for everyone. Cost savings in manufacturing and distribution are passed on to the consumer. Significant tax credits (30% - 65%) are also available.

Good for the Environment

  • Using solar energy releases no harmful emissions into our environment, and by substituting it for fossil or radioactive fuels you help make the switch to a sustainable society. Installing one GPL Solar Hot Water System provides the same environmental benefit as taking an average car off the road or planting 760 trees!

Energy Security

  • GPL Solar Hot Water System enable you to take advantage of a locally available and abundant energy source "the sun" - and thus reduce dependence on foreign sources of fuel.


star Solar Pool Heating


Solar pool heating systems are designed for swimmers who enjoy pool temperatures from the mid 70s to the upper 80s (even low to mid 90s in some climates).


How it Works


All you do is set the desired pool temperature on your solar controller and the sun does the rest. When your solar controller senses that there is enough sunlight to heat your pool and that your pool is colder than you desire, water is automatically diverted to your solar system. Your pool pump sends pool water to the solar collectors. As the water flows through 120 tubes in each solar collector, the sun's energy heats it. The solar-heated water then flows back to your pool. This simple cycle continues until your pool reaches your desired temperature. You can also cool your pool during warmer months by simply running your pool pump at night and sending the water through your solar panels. Your solar controller will automatically switch to nocturnal cooling and divert the pool water through the solar collectors.

Cost Benefits


Solar pool heaters have many advantages over other pool heaters (like electric and gas):

  • Energy used is clean and unlimited.
  • System cost is usually equal to or less than other heaters.
  • There is no ongoing expense to operate your heater. After installation, all the energy generated is FREE from the sun.
  • Solar heaters have no moving parts so they generally require less service and last years longer than other types of heaters.


Solar Street Lighting star


Solar street lights were initially used mainly in third world countries or remote and disaster areas, where electricity is not always available. Today's solar energy technology has evolved and solar projects are appearing in both developed and developing countries



Street & Roadway Lighting

GPL Solar lighting solutions are the reliable and economic choice for street and roadways. Easily installed and cost less to deploy than utility connected lighting. All our lighting systems offer state-of-the-art LEDs and are available with a variety of fixture options. These products provide excellent illumination that benefit motorists and cyclists and enhance pedestrian safety. Whether your location is remote, environmentally sensitive, difficult to access the electrical grid or electricity is unreliable, GPL Solar has the lighting solution.

Ideal for:

  • Streets
  • Highways
  • Roadways
  • Intersections
  • Private Roads

Area & Security Lighting

Provides reliable bright light to enhance the safety and security wherever you need it. GPL Solar lighting systems are easily installed and cost less to deploy than utility connected lighting.

Ideal for:

  • Parking lots
  • Fence lines
  • Walking paths
  • Gates
  • Trails
  • Docks
  • Parks
  • Driveway

GPL Solar combines their extensive solar engineering expertise with their customers' needs in mind when designing dependable alternative energy area and security solutions. GPL Solar systems are providing reliable, renewable safety and security in most remote environments throughout the world

Advertising & Sign Lighting

GPL Solar has been the leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor advertising and sign lighting solutions for external and internal lighting applications since 1992. Sol's advertising and sign lighting solutions are modular in design; utilize leading edge LED technology, making them the perfect choice to illuminate a variety of advertising and signs.

Ideal for:

  • Company signs
  • City welcome and entry signs
  • Billboards
  • Business signs
  • Roadways
  • Transit Ad Shelters
  • Statues
  • Transportation signs
  • Monuments

GPL Solar's LED lighting provides significant improvement in energy efficiency, uniformity of light pattern, resistance to vandalism, and ease of installation for new, retrofit or over existing options. GPL Solar provides solar powered or utility connected advertising and sign lighting systems where the solar-powered solution is ideal for new installations and the utility connected makes sense for every retrofits.




  • Bright, long lasting LEDs
  • LEDs rated to 70,000 hours (LM70)
  • LEDs contain no mercury or lead or other hazardous chemicals
  • LEDs provide more lumens per watt than HID
  • Reduced maintenance and ownership costs
  • No line voltage, trenching, or metering
  • More reliable than grid-tied
  • Immune to power outages
  • Battery backup for cloudy days
  • Distributed light and power - no single point of failure for enhanced security
  • Weather, corrosion and vandal resistant
  • Design equipped to handle heavy wind loads and temperature extremes
  • Easy to install
  • No scheduled maintenance for up to five years
  • No electrical charges


star Solar Water Pump


The Solar Water Pump System is designed to use solar-electric power to pump water fromnatural water sources. Solar water pump systems are used for home or village water supply, irrigation, agriculture, livestock watering, water treatment, and more.


How it Works



Solar pumps fall into two major categories - surface, which include pressure, delivery, and booster pumps & submersible, which is primarily submersible well pumps.

Delivery pumps are used to move water from one place to another. Some are capable of high pressure while others are intended mainly for moving large volumes at low pressure (such as moving water from a cistern to a stock watering tank). Flows can be small (1/2 gallon per minute or so) up to 30-40 gpm. Some are often used for pressurizing water systems in homes, RV's, and boats


Portable Solar Solutions star


Solar Laterns

Solar lantern is a portable light source like a
traditional lantern which gives omni directional
pure white light. It consists of a solar photovoltaic
module, sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead
acid battery, charge controller and DC-AC inverter
for lighting the compact Fluorescent Lamp
(CF Lamp). Highly efficient two - step charge
controller protects battery from over charging and deep discharging . High frequency inverter offers high efficiency, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp.

Mobile Solar Charger

o green with the USB Solar Mobile Charger from Brando - this device features a 1,500mAh lithium battery, storing up juice harvested from the sun's rays for a time when you need it most. It will feature connecting tips with cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players as well as portable media players - heck, anything goes as long as there is a right adapter to fit your gizmo. Should the days be particularly overcast, there is always the AC charge ability that helps you juice up the USB Solar Mobile Charger via a power outlet or through a USB port.


Solar Car Charger

GPLSolar's solar car battery charger. It will trickle
charge a 12v car battery but can also be used in
tractors, small boats, motorbikes and other small

It's ideal if you're trying to use your car less or take
it off the road but you're worried that the battery will
go flat. It will also save electricity if you need to charge your battery via a mains charger. And, of course, it will help all of us who don't have that handy bleeping noise that alerts us to the fact that we've left our lights on when we get out of the car. All in all, a pretty handy green gadget. You just mount the panel on the inside of your car window, using the suction cups and connect it to the cigarette lighter or directly to the battery with the crocodile clips provided.

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