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Our promise is simple:

Reliable supply, high quality fuels & timely deliveries – always.

GB Energy
– A GB Group Division – is one the leading oil companies in the Caribbean in fuel marketing and supply, with aviation fuel operations in several countries, servicing some of the busiest international airports in the region.

Our widespread portfolio includes international passenger and cargo carriers, general aviation, military resellers and domestic carriers.

GB Energy  is committed to maintaining industry standards. While constantly striving to improve operational excellence & dependability, we supply over 100 million gallons of aviation fuels across some of the region’s busiest airports.

The Facts


  • Timely deliveries at airports.
  • Aviation fuel operations meeting highest industry quality practices with excellent safety and services records.
  • Site audits performed by industry experts and our valued customers, with exceptional tracking records.
  • Continued and sustainable investments in fixed and mobile equipment.

Our Strengths


  • People: GBE is compromised of a team of Executives each having over 15 years of experience in their areas of expertise. A flat corporate structure and a deep knowledge of the fuel business in the region guarantee a superior advantage to our customers.
  • Network: we are present in some of the busiest airports in the region while upholding stringent industry standards.
  • Customer: dependable supply with on-time deliveries provided by a seasoned staff.


Investments, Improvements
& Ongoing Projects

  • New fire fighting systems
  • New and upgraded refueler fleet
  • Product integrity guarantees
  • New additive system for Stadis 450
  • New farm expansions
  • New loading and off-loading racks
  • New storage tanks to increase inventory days

Strategic Alliances

IATA Strategic partners
JIG Associate Member
Shell Aviation Technical Services Agreement

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