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Your #1 source for solar energy in Haiti!

DigitalKap is a Haitian solar energy EPC and technology company that brings energy and technology services to individuals, nonprofits, churches, schools, hospitals and businesses. DigitalKap has provided high-quality solar system installations and maintenance on more than 4.2 MegaWatts of solar systems and has been a leader in best practices for new installations, updating of existing systems, cleaning, maintenance and operations checks and renewable energy, technology, and systems use trainings in Haiti.

DigitalKap is committed to the future of Haiti through its work in bringing cutting-edge, high quality technology and energy systems to the country.

DigitalKap is proud to be 100% Haitian owned and provides fellow Haitians with high-quality training and employment.

Full Service Advantage

As your all-in-one service provider DigitalKap manages your project from start to finish. Additionally, with its maintenance and operation services, DigitalKap provides peace of mind that the investment you have made will continue to operate at its greatest capacity for years to come. As a single point of contact and accountability for your solar power system or computer lab, DigitalKap makes the installation process and use of your system hassle and stress free.


DigitalKap uses only the best-in-class, top quality equipment and materials. Highly trained and certified supervisors oversee every project and qualified technicians.

Latest Technology

DigitalKap is constantly seeking to improve its services and help you to achieve the greatest possible finished product by staying on the cusp of industry advancements.
The best, new technology is continually evaluated and selected for your needs or project based on performance, quality and financial efficiency.

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