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Entretien et recyclage des batteries lead acid, Gel, Agm, batteries Laptop, Installation et vente des équipements en énergie renouvelable.

Battery Clinic Haiti Our services Sales of reconditioned batteries,Battery installation and maintenance,
Monitoring service of battery Banks,Battery preventive maintenance for optimum capacity,Diagnostics and troubleshooting to reduce downtime,Analysis of battery state of health and state of charge.

BCH Services

Battery Clinic is Renewable Energy division Renuvo a company of Renewable Energy and Clean, works National and internationnal level with the best manufacturers and wholesalers in the industry. We serve both the domestic and the professional user, adjusting rates and services, Battery rejuvenate, Electric wind turbine , Domestic Wind Turbine, Wind Turbine, Solar Kits, Solar Energy, Self-consumption, Solar Chargers, Compact ACS Equipment, Biomass, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters?, Solar Regulators, Batteries opzs, Hydraulic Bombs, Leds, Ecological Gifts, Solar Backpacks, solar gadgets, Energy Saving, Gps Adventure, Fitness Watches, Adventure Cameras,Solar kits and solar monobloc and opzs battery and solar panel and solar equipment for hot water and regulators mppt and complete solar kit . We have products that are not offered in our online store.

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