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About Us

From the morning to the late night Radio Tele Puissance is live non stop christian entertaining their listeners with top notch Gospel music and musical passion. Listeners starts their day with Radio Tele Puissance and its popular and fresh morning programs that makes them cheer up for the next of the day. Radio Tele Puissance is a very entertaining radio station.

Radio Tele Puissance

We are a radio station based in Port Charlotte Florida, USA. It is one of the most popular stations in terms of Evangelization and GOSPEL music. And lot of different preachers on a daily base and February 27, 2015. It first broadcasts in on the AIR 98.9 FM, SCA, then on the net It is currently managed by WESNER GUERRIER.

Radio Tele Puissance has a very rich programming, with various broadcasts that make the audience stronger, and more connect. Such as:

KOZE FANM” women are honored every Monday evening has left 8PM, with Sister. GENESE GUERRIER as well as his sister GINETTE B. ANICET Who show the value, and the potentiality of women, and discuss the violence, the problems that women face at home and elsewhere.

RANKONTRE JEZI” program that help you keep your Faith and also who want to meet Jesus by a message, a song, a prayer and other aspects every Thursday 8:45 PM.

PODIUM OF ARTISTS” artists, evangelical groups are well serving on the podium of Radio Power witch is Radio Tele Puissance every Friday 7PM it is a show that promotes Artist and spread the evangelical music presented by DAGGYSON PIERRE. And also many other show thru out the programming of the Radio.

In conclusion, Radio Tele Puissance is the reference in the matter of Evangelization and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stay notes every day, as we will be delighted to serve you.

Address Port Charlotte Florida, USA
Phone +1 (941) 623-6070,,