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"The station works with you," Radio Solidarité attaches great importance to information, education, health, culture, music ...

4 long daily editions of new variety in which listeners can among other have an idea of the position of the various representative sectors of Haitian society on matters of public interest. What makes Radio Solidarité "Station open to all." Culture and Education are always there with you "Lavi ka bel" and Songs and Prose "are disconnected, it is Sunday" ...

Health for all and especially no taboo when it's time to "Health Information". 3 daily editions of Haitian music which is said they are the most stressed in the country: Konpa pa m, Bruno Show and Let the music. There Recollect "Saturday night and the best boleros Haiti on Sunday evening. Trippin Time and Vibes is the case of young people who participate in the 4 corners of the country and abroad.

Radio Solidarity, it is also the most beautiful world music, new and old. "We have sound and music you like, anywhere else to give as much pleasure," decreed the spot. Radio Solidarity, this is also the total Sport, major debates, computers, the internet and technology in general with Megatek.

Taken together, these various issues are that when it is plugged casts button.

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