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Ink.Haiti is a service company to recycled toner cartridges and INK. We sell INK cartridges and toner cartridges original, compatible with very good yields and better prices.

At Ink.Haiti, our clients find services Graphic Design, Printing and Photocopy high volume and quality. With the objectify of providing a friendly and cordial attention to our customers, we at Ink.Haiti, we serve the community to mark the Difference. Ink.Haiti opens in your service and wants to work with you to the welfare of the environment. We AIM to be the company that has the solution to toner and INK Provider in Haiti and in-home service.

Address 49 angle des rues Gregoire et Louverture (Barak Plaza), Petion-Ville
Phone 509 4799-8880,509 3103-7421,509 2942-2424