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Store Locations:

  • 35, rue Ogé et Metellus, Petion Ville
  • 42, Blvd Toussaint Louverture, Port-au-Prince


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Our Mission

Bringing office solutions to improve workplace  productivity.

What we do

You know how when you call multiple vendors and they keep you seating around waiting for them to show up before making excuses like goods stuck in customs! What we do is we bring office solutions to our customers in need of office supplies, technology and office furniture under one roof with a first class service like same-day delivery while allowing you to stay on budget so you can move on to the more important tasks in your business.

Our unique selling proposition

Save money ! Work better !

Our Values

• Respect for our customers
• Opportunities for our colleagues
• Commitment to our community

Our promise to our customers

Make each and every purchase experience a unique opportunity by  giving more for your money and establishing a long term and
win-win relationship.




Address 35, rue Ogé et Metellus, Petion Ville
Phone 509 3999-9676,509 3711-1886,509 3999-3976
Fax 509 3999-6683