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Aboslute relaxing

Ile a Vache, A unique beauty in the Caribbean



Far away from the stress of everyday life, relax in a special setting.
Slow down and take the time to ENJOY LIFE.

Here, there is no car, no noise and pollution of big cities: simply the peace.

Give way to the gentle caribbean way of life during the hot and quiet hours of the day.

The beach...
Discover the long ribbons of sand unspoilt by tourism. Bordered on one side by virgin tropical vegetation and on the other by the temperate waters of the caribbean.

You are invited to swim in the shallow cristal clear waters. Dink in the infinite blue of the sky and the sea.

Discover the marvels of " l’Île à Vache " (Cow Island) where fauna and flora have been preserved.

To start the day or "to recover" of a tiring day of holidays, discover the pleasures of a relaxing massage, in front of a brilliant sight of beauty.







The jetty and the "Grande Caye"

After crossing the "Baie des Cayes" our shuttle will go round "Cap Raquette" to enter the "Anse à Eau". There you will disembark amongst the boats in the bay of our marina…Now that you have arrived you are in our hands !

You’ll be welcomed into small groups of local-style houses harmoniously interspersed amongst the vegetation, a good marriage between tourism and ecology.

The restaurant

Thanks to the Creole sense of hospitality and to the high standards that requires a seaside luxury resort, you will benefit from a warm and personalised welcome: all you have to do is to enjoy a gentle way of life, a friendly atmosphere and to relax.

food which has been unanimously congratulated...

“It is the best cooking in the Island and probably in the whole area: the salads, the crayfish or the mixed grilled are always sumptuous and the meals are presented with a very good taste.” (Guide Ulysse Haïti).

...and for all the tastes

For groups who have made a booking in advance, we propose vegetarian as well as vegan buffets.



The Marina

Our marina is a natural deepwater port on the North-Western point of "l’Île à Vache" - Cow Island (latitude 18°06’63" N and longitude 73°41’78" W), 5.5 nautical miles off the coast of "Les Cayes".

Known as a safe anchoring port for centuries, the Ferret Bay was used by the pirates for their vessels and also by Henri Morgan (the ecological and tourist resort on the Ile à Vache was named after him). His vessel sank off the western coast of the Ile à Vache.

Port Morgan’s marina can welcome boats with a draught of up to 3 meters with places alongside the quay and with anchoring on buoys, offering all the necessary services for your stop.


Resupplying » fuel oil, petrol(gasoline), propane, water (in limited quantity), electricity (voltage : 110/220 volts, 60 Hz on European and American plugs).

Breakdown service » Possibility of diesel mechanics.

Services » showers, toilet facilities, laundry, foreign exchange, ...

Telecommunications » telephone, fax, postal service, local radios, internet.
VHF canal 16 or 9.

Port security » provided day and night.

Accomodation » bungalows for guests, allowing a change of crew and visits.

Bar » the beach bar is open every day.

Catering » Didier and Françoise provide meals for visiting boats. Quality French or Creole cuisine. Lobsters, fish… French wines. Reasonably priced.

Miscellaneous » Souvenir and craft shops.


Click on the "useful information" link to organise your journey.



The Area

The charm of HISPANIOLA Island and the specific bewitchment of the place are difficult to describe. Many writers have written about it, such as GRAHAM GREENE and despite savage deforestation of the western side of the island, there are still a number of places yet to discover for city dwellers. By car, though the road network is in a poor state, by jeep almost everywhere, by foot or on horseback for those who enjoy organised adventure.

Situated between North and South America (latitude 18°5 N and longitude 73°3 W), Île à Vache forms part of the Greater Antilles at the heart of the Caribbean. It is sunny all year round and offers a wide range of exotic scenery. ILE A VACHE, which owes its name to the large quantities of cattle that used to roam there, offers natural beauty between turquoise sea, green hills and plains for a total suface area of 4800 hectares. Its valleys and hillocks stretch along the rather uneven western part and the complex is located amidst this environment with its specific location in a virgin scenery which is unlikely to stay so for much longer..

A tropical climate tempered by the trade winds : a hot and sultry season (about 30°) from August to October and a dry and cooler season (about 26°) from November to April. With water temperatures between 26° and 28°C (79° and 83°F), Ferret Bay (Port Morgan), where the complex is located, is a natural deepwater bay on the north-easternly point of Île à Vache, at about 10Km from the town of Cayes which is 180Km from PORT AU PRINCE.



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