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Where Time Stands Still...

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Abaka Bay Haiti.


Ile a Vache, A unique beauty in the Caribbean





Paradise of Anse du Four

Nestled in the lush mountains of Anse du Four, overlooking the sea, are the secret hideaways of Abaka Bay. Surrounded by nothing but nature you'll find the perfect setting for romance and adventure.

It truly is a virgin island. Abaka affords you with luxuries fit for royalty. Each evening, view a painted-sunset upon a backdrop of majestic mountains. As you stroll upon a breathtaking stretch of white sand let the sound of the native Tamboo intoxicate you. Dance to the rhythm of the island.

Here there is a mystic, a subtle sense of peace and tantalization of the senses. Perhaps it's the freshness of the air as there are no automobiles on the island. Maybe it's the sweet scent of the tropical foliage that revitalizes the body. You can decide for yourself why Abaka Bay can be considered

one of the world's best kept secrets.



Diving off of Ile a Vache

At Abaka Bay, there are many beautiful ways your day can unfold. Whatever your mood, there is an activity to please.

Why not choose to take it easy and relax in a sea so clear and warm, you'll feel like you are in your own personal tranquil bath. The sand is sugar fine and the view even sweeter. Or swing in a colorful hammock under coconut trees and let us pamper you with refreshing drinks. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you sail to lovers island and watch the sun spotlight fish as you snorkel the clear blue waters.

If you are a more adventurous spirit, you can either horseback ride along the shore, water-ski, or jet ski. Examine local sea life and an array of corals. Enjoy beach volleyball and nature walks. Play pool, ping pong or darts. Hike with a guide and see sights you never thought existed. Enjoy the new flat screen in the grand restaurant with over 1,000 movies! Visit a local fishing village or Madame Bernard's colorful market place. Go deep sea fishing, sail, beach hop, visit waterfalls on the mainland, explore caves and imagine where pirates of old hid their treasure. There are a myriad of things to do or not do! It's all up to you how you spend your day.

Come and rediscover the lost pearl of the Antilles.



The peace of Nature

Abaka Bay is located off the southwestern coast of the island of Haiti (also know as Hispaniola) on the enchanted island of Ile a Vache. It is only a 15-20 minute yacht ride to the island from the port city Les Caye.


A place known by few, Abaka is not only secluded, but also exclusive. The average temperature in the air as in the water is always welcoming ranging from the mid to high 80's. The island is approximately 10 miles long and 5 miles wide.

With an intimate setting, one can feel like a private island owner. Here you walk upon hand-chiseled stone stairs to mosaic walkways. The beauty is accentuated by the details. Awaken from your mountaintop bungalow to a panoramic view. Relish the sight of rolling hills, green terrain, the lake and the crystal blue sea.

Sleep to the lull of crashing waves and rise to the melody of birds.



A bungalow sanctuary

Each of our spacious rooms is fashioned with soothing decor and wrap around balconies. Other amenities include air conditioning, a ceiling fan and full windows to appreciate the unparalleled view.

Our newest addition are situated directly in front of the sea to observe the most remarkle display of colors during the evening sun sets. We welcome deluxe beach house rooms and fabulous beach suites. Our elegant ocean view rooms nestled in the hills offer spectacular views of the sea and surrounding vegetation. Enjoy an aire of sophistication at your island retreat.
The beach house rooms are reminiscent of the colorful quaint life of the tropics. Situated directly on the powder soft white sand, they offer close proximity to the sea. Step off your porch and be only steps away from the entire crystal clear ocean!

With exquisite gourmet dining, even the pickiest of eaters are satiated. Our new airconditioned restaurant is all the rave! Three buffet meals will always please. The cuisine is international with a Creole flair. Meals are tasty and desserts divine. Service is friendly and always with a smile.

Once discovered, Abaka Bay is never forgotten.



Discover sunken treasure ships

Ile a Vache translated directly from the French means "Cow Island". However, regardless of the name it is not the few cows that attract a select group to the island, but rather the pristine beaches.

Throughout its history, Ile a Vache has had several name changes. It was once called Abaka by the native Indians. It is not known for certain what this name "Abaka" meant in the indigenous language. But taking a wild guess it probably meant "land of beautiful waters".

Ile a Vache has a history streaming with tales of pirates and buccaneers such as the world famous Henry Morgan. Sunken treasure is not merely a fantasy, but a reality at Abaka Bay. Several archaeological searches for sunken treasure ships have ensued in the vicinity. It is believed that Henry Morgan's flagship the Jamaica Merchant was sunk and found in the area.

If true the discovery would parallel the discovery of the Titanic!

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