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Christine FISCHL (Member) Born in Regensburg, Germany, December 16th 1962; admitted to Port-au-Prince Bar Association, 1999. Education: University of Paris II Assas, France (Bachelor in Business Law, 1983; Master in International Law, 1984); University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France (Degree in Advanced Studies of International and European Law, 1986). Author: “The Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin: national and international legal aspects”, Doctorate Thesis, 1988; Law Firm of Vaisse, Lardin and Partners, Paris, France 1989; UNESCO, Paris, Department of Legal Affairs, 1990; Financière Atlas, Paris, France, Department of Legal Affairs, 1993; Promobank, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Legal Advisor of the Board of Directors; Law Firm of Pasquet, Gousse and Partners, Partner, 1998 to 2009; Mrs. Fischl founded her own Law Firm Cabinet Fischl in 2009 and joined Cabinet Lissade the same year. Languages: French, Haitian Creole, German, English and Spanish. Specialties: Commercial and Corporate Law, Banking Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law, Medical Law, Private and public International Law, Civil Law.

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